The Washington Post Sunday - Aug 2 2020

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Clues Answers
'... you get the point' ETC
'Che!' actor Sharif OMAR
'Curses!' DRAT
'Daddy' rapper PSY
'Diana' singer Paul ANKA
'How about that!' OHO
'How about that!' GEE
'It ___ take a rocket scientist ...' DOESNT
'Journey to Justice' author Cochran JOHNNIE
'Look that way!' THERE
'Look this way!' PSST
'Memoirs of a Geisha' prop FAN
'Moulin ___' ROUGE
'Rome' or 'Empire,' e.g DRAMA
'Serves you right!' HAH
'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' actress Tatyana ALI
'The Killing' actress Mireille ENOS
'The wind chill's brutal!' BRR
'Tossed' dishes, maybe SALADS
'___ anyone's game!' ITS
*A non-straight '90s MTV personality canceled general Norman? Delish! LGBTQVJNIXEDSCHWARZKOPFYUM
*Mr. Griffin, the 'Atlanta' network holds the rights to that clumsy dance tune by the fictional composer of 'A Little Nightmare Music.' MERVFXOWNSKLUTZYPDQBACHJIG
*Mr. Novak, please send that home shopping network a copy of Junior's car rental ad immediately BJFAXQVCMYKIDSHERTZPLUGNOW
*Yo, dude! A sappy NFL passer is annoying everyone at a New York airport WORDUPSCHMALTZYQBVEXINGJFK
118 Down, en español UNO
61 Across feature THORN
A 'perfect' one uses all 26 letters once each, as seen in four answers in this puzzle PANGRAM
Admiring look, perhaps GAZE
Allocate, funding-wise EARMARK
Ascended RISEN
Audre Lorde pieces ESSAYS
Avoids putting away the dishes? FASTS
Bancroft of 'G.I. Jane' ANNE
Bartender-turned-pol AOC
Billboard Hot 100, e.g LIST
Borland of Limp Bizkit WES
Boy's name from the Old Norse for 'boy' SVEN
Brand of body wash AXE
Braying creature ASS
Bug-tracking org NSA
Campaign spots ADS
Cheer for a fútbol team OLE
Chicken Little's feeling ALARM
Chief Zed's portrayer in 'Men in Black' films RIPTORN
Childish rebuttal IDOSO
Chuckling sound TEEHEE
Clarinetist's item REED
Comment of resignation ILOSE
Crosses, as a river FORDS
Cylindrical headwear FEZ
Dairy-based beverage NOG
Designer Gucci ALDO
Drag with effort LUG
Emulates Bacon or Berry ACTS
Event with isle seats? LUAU
Everybody ALL
Family name in the film 'Parasite' KIM
First lady McKinley IDA
Fitbit user's exercise JOG
Fix, as a slip SEW
Flower featured at a Pasadena parade ROSE
Foot in a sonnet IAMB
Fox's coat FUR
Fraternity nickname BRO
Friend found in Amiens, in two different senses AMI
Gallon's fourths: Abbr QTS
Geometry proof letters QED
Golfer Palmer, informally ARNIE
Grammy Awards channel CBS
Greek vowel ETA
Greek vowel IOTA
Grown-out hairstyle AFRO
Gym setting, initially YMCA
Hook's reptilian bane CROC
Include ADDIN
Clues Answers
Indication of hunger PANG
Jeans edge HEM
Korean 77 Down brand KIA
Lake by Diamond Peak TAHOE
Live (in) RESIDE
Lottery winner's feeling JOY
Ltr. destination, maybe POBOX
Mexican state by Arizona SONORA
Moisture in a yard DEW
More opposite LESS
Mozart's '___ kleine Nachtmusik' EINE
NBA star Julius Erving's nickname DRJ
Needed bandages, say BLED
Non-glossy finish MATTE
Not do much LAZE
Panda cam locale ZOO
People eaters of myth OGRES
Pinnacle APEX
Plant product AUTO
Play honors TONYS
Point made in writing? DOT
Pollo ___ brasa (Peruvian dish) ALA
Prefix with 'red' INFRA
Prime before XI VII
Published RAN
Pumped, so to speak AVID
Put on a ring, say WED
R&B trio with the hit 'Waterfalls' TLC
Relatives of eagles HAWKS
Repair, as fences MEND
Repulsed reply UGH
Results of earthquakes RIFTS
Return document TAXFORM
Roused from slumber WOKE
Sanitary ___ PAD
Sch. event organizer PTA
School using koans ZEN
Second word of OTOH THE
Ships, in a way FEDEXES
Short summer event? BBQ
Sidekick in Gotham ROBIN
Signs, as with a pen INKS
So others can hear ALOUD
Sorrowful number DIRGE
Starz series in which the World War II-era nurse Claire Randall travels back in time to the year 1743 OUTLANDER
Stratosphere stuff OZONE
Sun Devils' sch ASU
Sweet treats TARTS
Talks incessantly GABS
Tan on a book cover AMY
Tattled (on) TOLD
Tempest in a teapot ADO
Texas-born prez IKE
Texted chortle LOL
The Tanners' ET pal ALF
Thor's father ODIN
Til ___, actor who played Hugo Stiglitz in 'Inglourious Basterds' SCHWEIGER
Time-travel? AGE
Title at a firm: Abbr ESQ
Title in colonial India RAJAH
Tolkien warrior ORC
Top seed's number ONE
Tree of Life's place EDEN
Unlike the Miami heat DRY
Up next, say AHEAD
VHS tapes' successors DVDS
Vibrate rhythmically THROB
Walk-___ (small roles) ONS
Werewolf's wail HOWL
What the outer fingers in the hand symbol m/ represent HORNS
Word that has stress on the last syllable OXYTONE
www.gwu.___ EDU
___ accompli FAIT
___ Alto, Calif PALO
___ Altos, Calif LOS
___ d'art OBJET