- Aug 1 2020

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Clues Answers
''The days of frost are __'': Tennyson OER
Accept, with ''in'' LET
Adjective for art FINE
Antonym of ''throw out'' ADD
Appropriate torch song topic FLAME
Be fair about a fee PRORATE
Bookseller's collectible offering AUTOGRAPHEDCOPY
Calliope and kin THEMUSES
Circular step for two DOSIDO
Coordinated TIEDIN
Courtroom drama exclamation HIM
Do what's expected ACT
Easy to start using, as paper rolls UNTAPED
Element #117, named for a state TENNESSINE
Fan of a top-five Twitter idol BELIEBER
Forcing in TAMPING
Formal rejection NAY
Four-Emmy winner as an '80s detective TYNEDALY
Frees (oneself) RIDS
Get your jaws on CLAMP
Home of Heartland of America Pk OMAHANE
How some say Tums tastes CHALKY
IBM's 9,000+ in 2019 PATENTS
If everything breaks just right ATBEST
Individual in authority ALPHADOG
IRA identifier ACCTNO
It's halfway between blue and cyan AZURE
Its first color series was ''The Jetsons'' ABC
Keep confined LOCKAWAY
Legendary lunar leaper COW
Leopard's lunch PREY
Make different ALTER
Newspaper in La Paz and Nueva York ELDIARIO
Clues Answers
One in a metaphorical web THIEF
One of the first to record Dylan's songs BAEZ
Only ''Oz'' actor with two solo songs LAHR
Open, Close, Print, etc MENU
Pac-12 school UARIZONA
Person, good or bad EGG
Personal digital device OVENMITT
Possible toehold LEDGE
Procrastinate PUTOFF
Put some muscle into EXERT
Queen's domain APIARY
Quite a wisecrack GASSER
Rather like ALA
Rather superficial SKINDEEP
Sci-fi's Escape Pod, e.g EZINE
Scrabble no-no PROPERNAME
She's from Nevada EVA
Snowball fight sound BOP
Start as an avocation TAKEUP
Start to function DYS
Started steaming GOTMAD
Stone in Solomon's Temple ONYX
Tennis star with an ''Express'' nickname FEDERER
They play near the US Open's home NYMETS
Timberlakc's acting spouse BIEL
Tool for artifact analysis CATSCAN
Transaction record LEDGER
Transit terminal ORY
Very soon INABIT
Welcome weather word about now COOLER
What many a rug is made for AREA
Where a leaf has left its stem SCAR
Word from the Latin for ''holy'' SOLEMN
Wound up tight ONEDGE