Universal - Jul 31 2020

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Clues Answers
"Ciao, old chap!" TATA
"The Farewell" director Wang LULU
(Not my mistake) SIC
26-Across, for one NOVEL
Abstract ideas CONCEPTS
Actors' foundation, e.g.? STAGEMAKEUP
Assistant AIDE
Attack that takes a long time SIEGE
Attorney LAWYER
Baja resort, for short CABO
Beach mound DUNE
Big-antlered animal ELK
Bring on HIRE
Can. neighbor USA
CDs' predecessors LPS
Chocolate-coated ice cream treat KLONDIKEBAR
Coins at an arcade TOKENS
Completist's goal SET
Cruises past DRIVESBY
Direct along a path ROUTE
E, on a fuel gauge EMPTY
Fashion designer von Furstenburg DIANE
Fat in some puddings SUET
Fighting fish BETTA
Former president who gave a virtual commencement speech in 2020 OBAMA
Fossil resin AMBER
Gets ready for a poker hand ANTES
Getting-ready routine TOILETTE
Guinness who played Obi-Wan Kenobi ALEC
Holiday Inn competitor RAMADA
Is powerless to CANT
It's not the main way in SIDEENTRANCE
Khartoum's country SUDAN
Lego brand for young children DUPLO
Letter-shaped shirt feature VNECK
Like some lab testing INVIVO
Madison, e.g., in NYC AVE
Clues Answers
Make a meal? GRIND
May honoree MOM
Names on social media, in a way TAGS
Nosh on EAT
Old-school engine's power source STEAM
Our closest relatives at the zoo APES
Peaceful SERENE
Period often named for a president ERA
Person you worship IDOL
Plastic bag alternative TOTE
Plopped into a chair SAT
Prepare to publish EDIT
Princess Jasmine's dad SULTAN
Red, Yellow or Black SEA
Remote button that's often red REC
Rise provider YEAST
Sent with a click EMAILED
Sets as a price ASKS
Seyfried who played Cosette in "Les Miserables" AMANDA
Shelter dog, hopefully ADOPTEE
Similar (to) AKIN
Skeptical reply IBET
Stiller of "Zoolander" BEN
Stretches of mountains RANGES
Toni Morrison's first book THEBLUESTEYE
Trivia locale, often PUB
Turned into a big win, as a small bet PARLAYED
Two cents' worth INPUT
Ultimate goal ENDALL
Vacuum tube with three components TRIODE
Went in circles? SPUN
With no ice NEAT
Wonderland visitor ALICE
Woolly female EWE
Words of compassion ICARE
___ choy BOK
___ curls (arm exercises) BICEP