The Washington Post - Jul 31 2020

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Clues Answers
'Bye now' SEEYOU
'Frozen' sister ANNA
'How the Other Half Lives' author Jacob RIIS
'You couldn't have!' retort IDIDSO
'__ not over' ITS
Academic MOOT
As prompted ONCUE
Beasts of burden ASSES
Beginning ONSET
Came to rest ALIT
Ceremony RITE
Cornerstone word ANNO
Dakar residents SENEGALESE
Deer sir STAG
Dept. head MGR
Env. directive ATTN
Env. insert LTR
Eye, to a bard ORB
Fish used for bait CHUB
French friend AMIE
Friendly opening? ECO
Future atty.'s hurdle LSAT
Game with a 'Moo!' version for preschoolers UNO
German capital EURO
Go awry ERR
Hair line PART
Has a go TRIES
Headed for extra innings TIED
Highlands hillside BRAE
Identical SAME
In need of a sweep SOOTY
Japanese prime minister since 2012 ABE
Kitchen magnet? AROMA
Large cask TUN
Life __ know it ASWE
Clues Answers
Like custard EGGY
Literary count, familiarly DRAC
Makes blue, maybe DYES
Mediterranean island nation MALTA
Mineral suffix ITE
Old TV control DIAL
On the quiet side ALEE
One of the Stooges SHEMP
Paper read on the LIRR or Metro-North, perhaps NYT
Part of a bad restaurant review on Yelp? DININGCARP
Penny-__ ANTE
Played for a chump DELUDED
Pull up stakes for one's co RELO
Raison d'__ ETRE
Reaction to an impressive flower? GREENHOUSEGASP
Really cool traffic sound? KILLERBEEP
Remain unsettled, or, read as two words, what five of this puzzle's long answers have PEND
Rio Grande city LAREDO
Security lighting trigger MOTION
Shaggy beasts YAKS
Shivering trees ASPENS
Short-lived spinoff of 'The Dukes of Hazzard' ENOS
Short-order order BLT
Shot spoiler LENSCAP
Sportscaster Andrews ERIN
Steady guy BEAU
Striking a chord (with) RESONATING
Summer getaway for a young Peter Parker? WEBCAMP
Supermarket franchise initials IGA
Thing with three feet YARD
Up in the air ONHIGH
Waterproofer's guarantee? LONGTIMENOSEEP
Went fast SPED
What prevents time from slipping away? WATCHSTRAP
Word with buffalo or wings WATER
__ sauce SOY
__'acte ENTR