Wall Street Journal - Jul 29 2020 - Broken Homes

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Clues Answers
“Give us the juicy details!” DISH
“Hallelujah” singer-songwriter Leonard COHEN
“Jabberwocky” word for four o’clock in the afternoon BRILLIG
“On the Waterfront” director Kazan ELIA
“___ be the day!” THATLL
Aladdin’s simian sidekick ABU
Barista’s creation MOCHA
Beckham Jr. of the Browns ODELL
Belly bulge OUTIE
Brainy bunch NERDS
Cannes locale RIVIERA
Cocktail garnish OLIVE
College big shots DEANS
Cotton quantity BALE
Cruel practice SADISM
Cry from Michelangelo COWABUNGA
Curse word intensifier, oddly HOLY
Dallas-to-Houston dir SSE
Dough put into a jar TIP
Drops back to pass FADES
Dude, in surfer slang BRAH
Egyptian king of the gods AMON
Fashion designer Marc JACOBS
Filmography listings ROLES
Funerary vase URN
Grad student’s exams ORALS
Grilled sandwich PANINI
Gunky stuff GOO
Had arrears OWED
Heaviest noble gas RADON
High-end Tokyo shopping district GINZA
Humble LOWLY
King Triton’s daughter, in a 1989 film ARIEL
Land agent Charles who was collectively shunned for not reducing rents BOYCOTT
Less than 43-Across SOME
Limburger’s home BELGIUM
Lists for chairs AGENDAS
Loft contents HAY
Love affairs AMOURS
Clues Answers
Make one’s own ADOPT
Marks a ballot, perhaps XES
Maximum amount ALL
Meadow moisture DEW
Mental makeup PSYCHE
Needles NAGS
Org. in Clancy books CIA
Page number, to a printer FOLIO
Pelvic bones ILIA
Poetic tribute ODE
Pop art’s Lichtenstein ROY
Prepare for a physical STRIP
Prepared READY
Prime minister before and after Churchill ATTLEE
Purchasable grab bag in a video game LOOTBOX
Radical, in slang GNARLY
Rehearsal dinner party GROOM
Rhames of “Pulp Fiction” VING
Scheming SLY
School grp PTA
Serpent on a sarcophagus ASP
Sets up a hook JABS
Shocking swimmers EELS
Slimy trail producer SNAIL
Slow movement ADAGIO
Solange, to Blue Ivy Carter AUNT
Spout a speech ORATE
Start of a Lincoln line, and a hint to the circled letters AHOUSEDIVIDED
Steely stare GAZE
Stunned state AWE
The Cat in the Hat sports one BOWTIE
Title character of Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” ARLO
Vein fill ORE
What Hamlet is thought to be, or not to be MAD
Where cross-country drivers often crash? INNS
Wing ELL