The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,080 - Jul 27 2020

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Clues Answers
Alter in the case of quiet mimic RESHAPE
Back soldiers with the wild distinctive mark SIGNATURE
Castrate violently without using a spray SCATTER
Certainly no inflatable in difficulty HARDSHIP
Commandos on hotel window SASH
Consider the same sick lady outside as well enough ADEQUATELY
Currency unknown following gold standard ORDINARY
Did you pen best composition? Absolutely! BEYONDDISPUTE
Dodger may be lucky JAMMY
Enquire after barrier material DAMASK
Going to a restaurant, or dine at home, with painful disease EATINGOUT
Gold beats yttrium in stiff test AUTOPSY
Guilty party's rip-off concealed by religious group CULPRIT
Kiss on Mother's Day — in December? XMAS
Matilda's magic not starting, backfires and smokes CIGARETTES
Clues Answers
Mock the art set without frames and colour OCHRE
Moving right up the rat menace THREAT
Now's the wrong time to constrain mass communications IMMEDIATE
Oblivious in Cameroun — a war expected UNAWARE
Okay welcome in the heart of Laos AGREETO
Seized power held by American, rude bastard USURPED
Sense corruption by church centre ESSENCE
Socialiser in 1009 — the Queen! MIXER
Studs in tatty clothing not for them NUDISTS
Think about head of rival firm STURDY
Took no action on rent — stupidly I tried! LETITRIDE
Warning! Tiger possibly bitten half the street! CAVEAT
When life begins to be a bit like a stronghold? FORTY
Wonderful magazine, incompletely edited AMAZING