The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 27727

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Clues Answers
Bloomer made by teacher going round a new food shop DANDELION
Cheeseparer, one initially swimming in sea off Nice MISER
Choose to put up around centre of Newport OPT
Church body upset over spirit audibly fading away EVANESCENCE
Considerable criticism gathering round extreme parts of Henry’s life BIOGRAPHY
Degrading form of feuding overwhelming one in Scotland UNEDIFYING
Drink Scandinavian nomad left unfinished LAP
Eg Welsh commander-in-chief welcoming English officer CELTIC
Genuine old Spanish coin REAL
Good French painter capturing old man, an emperor’s supporter BONAPARTIST
Hint from small Scouse singer inspiring in tango SCINTILLA
Hospital doctor originally operating in Sumatra SANATORIUM
Infamous old port protected by other people? NOTORIOUS
Key army corps almost crazy about hotel’s liqueur Creme de menthe
Live at end of lake with beadle — a worker, possibly BUMBLEBEE
Clues Answers
Manage to catch son in wood COPSE
Marine creature reportedly saw a taxi crossing river spider crab
New Zealander’s answer you and I heard KIWI
Not entirely secure as top bridge-player EAST
One who guides bullocks to west of island STEERSMAN
Phlegmatic type almost shut in thus STOIC
Racecourse record thus misrepresented at first EPSOM
Reddish church at top of hill CERISE
Remove monastic devotee adopting revised rite OBLITERATE
Responsibility — and where ours lies ONUS
Surprisingly their purser’s accepting a fund manager’s position TREASURERSHIP
Tough left restaurant, having consumed hot starter LEATHERY
Woman priest, one giving orders? DIRECTOR
Woman’s contribution finally accepted by Times AGNES
Work trapeze artistes are ill-advised to have NONET