Universal - Feb 9 2010

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Clues Answers
"I'm not surprised!" NOWONDER
"Impossible!" NOCHANCE
"My Name is ___ Lev" (Potok novel) ASHER
"Read my lips" declaration NONEWTAXES
"Same here" METOO
"___ Back" (Beatles hit) GET
Abs descriptor WASHBOARD
Affirm positively AVER
Bank concern LIEN
Be skeptical DOUBT
Big name in watches TIMEX
Bled RAN
Bond creator Fleming IAN
Bulb rating WATT
Burial plot GRAVE
Certain woodwind OBOES
Chang's bosom buddy? ENG
Chaotic brawl MELEE
Chicken part LEG
Chicken ___ king ALA
Cole who was King NAT
Corn holder CAN
Country encircled by South Africa LESOTHO
Counts' equivalents EARLS
Covered porticos, in Greek architecture XYSTS
Cow's mouthful CUD
Darwin follower? ISM
Degree candidate's exam ORAL
Depression in a surface DENT
Diarist Frank ANNE
Disparaging look SNEER
Formal order DECREE
Gloomy anxiety ANGST
Grass square SOD
Half of a famous puppet team PUNCH
Halftime marchers BAND
Have an edge against ABUT
Clues Answers
Historic chapters ERAS
In a macabre manner EERILY
Infamous emperor NERO
It has a cupule ACORN
Italian white wine SOAVE
Leaf aperture STOMA
Lie in store for AWAIT
Likhovtseva of women's tennis ELENA
Low women? ALTOS
More than annoyed IRATE
Movement leaders STANDARDBEARERS
Noshed ATE
Not of the clergy LAIC
Nullify an edit STET
Obsolete preposition ERE
Pacer, in racing LEADCAR
Palm used for thatching NIPA
Pasture LEA
Pitcher by the sink EWER
Planner's fig. EST
Preholiday night EVE
Primrose and bridle PATHS
Ranch animals STEERS
Reaction to a masterwork AWE
Reserves for future use STORES
Scotsman's "no" NAE
Sentry's attribute ALERTNESS
Social event MIXER
Sodas POPS
Toklas' partner STEIN
Twisted thread LISLE
Type of flu ASIAN
Unstable ASTATIC
Violent denunciation TIRADE
Washington town, when repeated WALLA
With the greatest of ___ EASE
Zoo favorite PANDA