- Jul 26 2020

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Clues Answers
''I __ little confused . . .'' AMA
''Ja'' and ''oui'' YESES
''Mambo king'' Puente TITO
''Mary Poppins'' tune CHIMCHIMCHEREE
''On the Waterfront'' director KAZAN
''Steppenwolf'' author HESSE
Advocates' org ABA
Affleck of ''Argo'' BEN
Airline to Oslo SAS
Angler's boots WADERS
Arctic divers AUKS
Arithmetic skill ADDING
Auction signals NODS
Available from a keg ONTAP
Back of the neck NAPE
Banned pollutants: Abbr PCBS
Before now AGO
Big Apple ballplayers METS
Big-name celeb ALISTER
Boomer's boy or girl XER
Chin adornment GOATEE
Dedicated verses ODES
Depiction on a Peace Prize medal NOBEL
Devours DOWNS
Director Lee ANG
Each, casually APOP
Eggs in sushi rolls ROE
Encouraging touches PATS
Ending for gazillion AIRE
Equilibrium STASIS
Event with bulldogging RODEO
Exclamation, for instance CRY
Familiarize with EXPOSETO
Favors one leg LIMPS
Feudal laborer SERF
Field of vision SCOPE
First name associated with 21 Across ELLA
Fitzgerald tune ATISKETATASKET
Flue residue ASH
Fortune teller's tidbit TEALEAF
Gene Vincent top-10 tune BEBOPALULA
Get dimmer DARKEN
Go public with AIR
Guiding light POLESTAR
Hand-propelled missile DART
Handful of a kid BRAT
Hardness scale guy MOHS
Hardware using Windows emulators MACS
Hawaiian coffee region KONA
Heap praise on LAUD
High point in the OT MTSINAI
Hint of the future OMEN
Hot style TREND
How the frenzied may run AMOK
Ilie of tennis NASTASE
In flight ALOFT
Informal evening NITE
Informal refusal NAH
Ingested ATE
Ingested, with ''away'' PUT
Jack-o'-lantern carving FACE
Johnson who succeeded May BORIS
Joyful exuberance ELAN
Key for indenting TAB
Keypad trio GHI
Kid's comeback ISTOO
Laugh-a-minute type RIOT
Least choppy, as seas CALMEST
Life of leisure EASE
Loafer's tip TOE
Many a Meccan ARAB
Mar.-to-Nov. period DST
Clues Answers
Minimal ink DOT
Miscellaneous group OTHERS
Monk's title FRA
Monorail cars TRAMS
Morsel for a mare OAT
Move while on a pogo stick HOP
No longer spoken, in the OED OBS
Novelist Oz AMOS
Ocean State sch URI
Of sacred poetry PSALMIC
Office PC connections LANS
One of the Williams sisters SERENA
Part in reserve SPARE
Part of the eye IRIS
PD alert APB
Piano practice piece ETUDE
Pilfers SWIPES
Pint-sized LITTLE
Pop favorite IDOL
Postings at LAX ETAS
Postpone, in a parliament TABLE
Primal impulses URGES
Privy to INON
Product made from pulp PAPER
Progressive spokesperson FLO
Rescue squad VIP EMT
Rescues from a shelter ADOPTS
Respectful title MAAM
Rice of gothic fiction ANNE
Risky business, informally SPEC
Rivingtons silly tune PAPAOOMMOWMOW
Roll call vote NAY
Roomy bag TOTE
Rubber gaskets ORINGS
Scriptural paradise EDEN
Showing shock AGASP
Single squat or crunch ONEREP
Small burger + bun SLIDER
Snowballs, in snowball fights AMMO
So last year PASSE
Song sung by Caron in a '53 film HILILIHILO
Southernmost North American nation PANAMA
Sport using disks SKEET
Spouse of a countess EARL
Star much mentioned in sci-fi ANTARES
State paying an annual oil dividend ALASKA
String along LEADON
Suffix for stock ADE
Taboo for a tyke NONO
The Coyote St SDAK
The first first-born CAIN
The Gem St IDA
Think highly of ESTEEM
Third-party candidate in '96 PEROT
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Took the gold WON
Top-10 tune for the Crystals DADOORONRON
Touch lightly, as billiard balls KISS
Tuna access device OPENER
Tune often heard at Disneyland ZIPADEEDOODAH
Turns down DENIES
Tuscany city SIENA
Type of donation TITHE
Violin piece SONATA
Was isolated from others SILOED
Washington's Sea-__ Airport TAC
What telescopes are aimed at SKY
Wild equines ASSES
Witless INANE
Workout by-product SORENESS
Zero cash NOTASOU
__ Palmas, Canary Islands LAS