USA Today - Sep 7 2020

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Clues Answers
'High Life' director Claire DENIS
'If ___ Street Could Talk' BEALE
'Sure, let's do it!' IMGAME
'Truth or ___' (Kelela song) DARE
'You might be ___ something!' ONTO
A totally sufficient amount QUITEENOUGH
Adolescent TEENAGER
Arranged one inside the other NESTED
Attacks GOESAT
Ballet attire TUTUS
Cold drink ICEWATER
Containers of olives JARS
Disapproving words to a pooch BADDOG
Doesn't ignore HEEDS
Earth-related prefix GEO
Equivalent of 'ain't' ISNT
Gentlemen, in Spanish SENORES
Got food delivered ORDEREDIN
Hemispherical roof DOME
High regard ESTEEM
Holey footwear CROCS
Japanese 'yes' HAI
Long division result QUOTIENT
Long reclining chair CHAISE
Low tie score ONEONE
Lymph clusters NODES
Makes more attractive DOESUP
Mesmerized states TRANCES
Misery WOE
Music genre in the documentary 'My Mic Sounds Nice' HIPHOP
Narrow cuts SLITS
Clues Answers
Not being operated manually ONAUTO
Palindromic joke GAG
Pancake made with black gram DOSA
Places where apnea is studied SLEEPLABS
Possesses, old-style HATH
Pow wow garment JINGLEDRESS
Precipitation that can leave dents HAIL
Prefix for 'charger' or 'jet' TURBO
Preordain DESTINE
Propelled with paddles ROWED
Raised foot feature HIGHARCH
Restaurant seating options BOOTHS
Round before the finals, for short SEMIS
Salad dressing option RANCH
School fundraising org PTA
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sleeps lightly DOZES
Sounded shocked GASPED
Sport that's the title of a 2002 novel by Sharon M. Draper DOUBLEDUTCH
Stuff settled at the bottom of a drink DREGS
Suppose to be true ASSUME
Surname that rhymes with 'hour' BAUER
Terrestrial ONEARTH
Tool with a bit DRILL
Toyota hybrid PRIUS
Waste away PERISH
Wooden rod DOWEL
___ cake BUNDT
___ certificate BIRTH
___ pole TOTEM
___ with (idly considered) TOYED