The Sun - Two Speed - Jul 23 2020

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Clues Answers
1969 Peter Fonda movie EASYRIDER
Aramis, Athos or Porthos SWORDSMAN
Bus station DEPOT
Chinese ultimately behind Oriental EASTERN
Cross Hampshire river with yankee TESTY
Dead men walking? ZOMBIES
Depend HINGE
Discover her aunt dancing UNEARTH
Easily angered TESTY
Egyptian cobra ASP
Fading star called earlier HASBEEN
Fast warship CRUISER
Father in the Army? PADRE
Female warrior AMAZON
Foreign nannies AUPAIRS
Former leading light HASBEEN
Garment suitable for non-drinker? DOUBLET
Goat god one about to cause fear PANIC
Green energy type SOLAR
Insect, tropical, biting ranger regularly HORNET
Iron-Age Celts PICTS
Joint that's swinging? HINGE
Large wasp HORNET
Live-in helpers in gold braces AUPAIRS
Looker appears in Crome Yellow EYE
Lose cool PANIC
Clues Answers
Magistrate in bizarre event REEVE
Military chaplain PADRE
Not neat UNTIDY
Not western EASTERN
Notions IDEAS
Old Scots coal's source in mines PICTS
Out of the question NOCANDO
Padded jacket DOUBLET
Pagan to cook chicken HEATHEN
Party enforcing six-pack ban? Impossible NOCANDO
Power our newspaper generates? SOLAR
Rancid curries in vessel CRUISER
Reanimated corpses ZOMBIES
Root vegetable POTATO
Sandworms irritated fencer SWORDSMAN
Saying sliced pie good with butter EPIGRAM
Slovenly or sloppy in duty UNTIDY
Snake hidden in Cleopatra's possessions ASP
Spud in bowl with mixed oat POTATO
Stay out after Newton gets aggressive NASTY
Storm centre EYE
Superman actor REEVE
Surprise cut short on river AMAZON
Thoughts from Guide Association IDEAS
Tyrant dumping sulphur in warehouse DEPOT
Undemanding jockey in film EASYRIDER
Unpleasant NASTY
Witticism EPIGRAM