The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,422 - Jul 22 2020

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Clues Answers
A challenge to accept women's promotion on the web ADWARE
Abandon revolutionary sailor and soldier DESERTRAT
Article written for bishop on board perhaps PIECE
Biographical tales about new vital means of communication? LIFELINES
Criminal sold a vice that's articulated VOCALISED
Dangerous raid, oddly, on broadcaster RISKY
Detective reading for fun DIVERSION
Disappointed and allowed to drink in one LETDOWN
Emirates will be empty, hosting opening occasions EVENTS
Expert appearing in newspaper feature FACET
Furiously tail chap pinching old banger CHIPOLATA
German wife and son outside Germany must be impostors FRAUDS
Group of nations supporting aid fixed for so long ADIEU
Incompetent writer backed by one with time INEPT
Informed by a couple of students taking everything into account ALLTOLD
Instant act as broker to support firm regularly IMMEDIATE
Clues Answers
Is cat meat made to chew? MASTICATE
Look more impressive having dismissed first of Republicans GANDER
Love playing game that's last of series OMEGA
Many a time beset by evil -- good to be mollifying SOFTENING
Name adopted when following boxer ALIAS
Officer's new bride touring Baltic port BRIGADIER
Person serving Queen may see European question about resistance EQUERRY
Person who's invited may be judged in hearing GUEST
Pressing new peers in appointment DESPERATE
Raises game and strikes BEATS
Spies found in a men's toilet AGENTS
Student failing to start easy cash job EARNER
Subject of note crossing border THEME
Tramp stumbles across area with last of booze TRAIPSE
What might be left, say, in frilly surroundings LEGACY
What's left after following schedule is cut short? FAGEND