Wall Street Journal - Jul 22 2020 - Settle In

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Clues Answers
“Are you for real?!” CMON
“Isn’t that lovely!” HOWNICE
“She’ll chew you up,” according to Hall & Oates MANEATER
“We could be here for a bit...,” and a hint to each circled word ITSALONGSTORY
“What have we here?!” HELLO
“Where the Wild Things Are” writer SENDAK
“Wicked Game” singer Chris ISAAK
A little, musically POCO
Apex predator in all of the world’s oceans ORCA
Assist AID
Bank of Japan currency YEN
Beat to a pulp MASH
Become involved in something ENTERTHEPICTURE
Bonehead IDIOT
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” OHARA
Champion’s crow IWIN
Coleslaw or potato salad, e.g SIDEDISH
Comment at the end of a fun night out LETSDOTHISAGAIN
Comparable to pie or ABC? ASEASY
Congo is its most recent mem OPEC
Crunch targets ABS
Dawn goddess AURORA
Dissenting vote NAY
Distort SKEW
Diva delivery ARIA
EMT specialty CPR
Encourage SPURON
Exam for H.S. students APTEST
Fail miserably TANK
Fill in for ACTAS
Flight delay notification, perhaps TEXTALERT
For some period AWHILE
Furious feeling IRE
Heavenly ball ORB
Hoppy brew ALE
Important period ERA
Clues Answers
James of jazz ETTA
Josh of “Avengers: Endgame” BROLIN
Knight address SIR
Kovalchuk of the NHL ILYA
Lead-in to the headliner OPENER
Letters at a “Hamilton” show, probably SRO
Like a child hiding behind a parent’s leg TIMID
Lisa in the Louvre MONA
Lyricist Gershwin IRA
Mom-and-pop org PTA
Necessitate ENTAIL
Neighborhood AREA
Neighboring NEXTTO
Network with a “Now Playing” newsletter TCM
Nickelodeon cartoon with a nine-year-old title character HEYARNOLD
Only Pennsylvania county largely north of the 42nd parallel ERIE
Pungent salad green CRESS
Put on the account of CHARGETO
Rebellion leader Turner NAT
Refine HONE
Relieves (of) RIDS
Seasoning in Sevilla SAL
Shared, to get a quick opinion RANBY
Sound from a furious feline HISS
Sticky-fingered sort KLEPTO
Stops by the interstate MOTELS
Takes hold SETSIN
Teeny tiny ITSY
They may be hard to keep up with THETIMES
Unappealing ladleful GLOP
Vincent van Gogh’s brother THEO
Wasn’t honest LIED
Went under SANK
Words often followed by “It’s no big deal” OHTHAT
Yellowfins and albacores TUNAS
___-Coeur (famous Paris basilica) SACRE