The Washington Post Sunday - Jul 19 2020

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Clues Answers
'1917' backdrop: Abbr WWI
'C'est moi,' in America ITSME
'Cool story, ___' BRO
'Gangnam Style' rapper PSY
'Honey Honey' band ABBA
'I Want Candy' band with a canine-inspired name BOWWOWWOW
'Ink Master' creation TATTOO
'My Fair Cousin ___' (season 2 premiere of 'The Addams Family') ITT
'Orange' drink PEKOE
'That ain't right' NOPE
'That call was terrible!' BOO
'That's disgusting!' EWW
'The Coldest Rap' rapper, aptly ICET
'The Entertainer' composer Joplin SCOTT
'The reason is apparent to me' IKNOWWHY
'We use only 10 percent of our brains,' e.g MYTH
'What did you think?' HOWWASIT
'___ goes' (selection method in which people touch a certain body part to avoid an undesirable task) NOSE
1979 film 'Norma ___' RAE
2012 Batman film villain BANE
2019 Wimbledon champ Simona HALEP
21st 92 Across letter PHI
6 Across and 80 Down TEAS
Ace Hardware offerings TOOLS
Achieve ATTAIN
ACLU co-founder Helen KELLER
Activity with many cycles SPINCLASS
Al or Bobby on a track UNSER
Alpaca's relative LLAMA
Analogy phrase ISTO
Appliances seen on 'Cupcake Wars' OVENS
Astute KEEN
Auto fill OIL
Awesome, in slang EPIC
Awesome, in slang DOPE
Bar requirements IDS
Birds with long necks EMUS
Botanical source of gel ALOE
Brandish WIELD
Bring into accord ATTUNE
Brown delivery? LECTURE
Camp shelter supporter TENTPOLE
Ceremonial procedure RITE
Cleaning compound LYE
Cleave REND
Clubs or leagues: Abbr ORGS
Coastal reflux EBBTIDE
Colombian range ANDES
Come about ARISE
Compound atomically similar to another ISOMER
Conan's cable network TBS
Convent figure ABBESS
Cookie jar cover LID
Cord fiber HEMP
Corned beef dish HASH
Crushing jungle beast BOA
Cuisine with grilled and smoked meats, briefly TEXASBBQ
Culpa preceder MEA
Death ray in sci-fi, e.g LASERBEAM
Dirty, as from a flue SOOTY
Dole (out) METE
Dried poblano pepper ANCHO
Encouragement for a boxer to attack SICEM
Erotic role-playing letters BDSM
Explosive feeling IRE
Faux ___ (gaffe) PAS
Flavorful Indian brew CHAI
Gain some understanding GETANIDEA
Gordian ___ KNOT
Grp. of software experts ITTEAM
Grp. often subject to FOIA requests CIA
Guy protected against employment discrimination, per a landmark SCOTUS decision in June 2020 TRANSMAN
Had an advantage LED
Clues Answers
Heavy metal blaster AMP
Highland hats TAMS
History text chapter ERA
Hulkamania wrestler HOGAN
In vitro cells OVA
Insect in a formicary ANT
Insinuates HINTSAT
Interlibrary ___ LOAN
Language in Iraklion GREEK
Late July zodiac sign LEO
Length × width AREA
Lengthy academic records, for short CVS
Like exchanges with raised voices, perhaps TESTY
Like ink, for some pens ERASABLE
Little by little PIECEMEAL
Little Skywalker, to Shmi ANI
Lola's club, in song COPA
Malevolent magic user of folklore HAG
Maximally mean-spirited PETTIEST
Mel of the majors OTT
Memoir about the first year of law school ONEL
Military outfit? ARMY
Model Carol ALT
Ms. Turner's life work? ITINA
Nautical opening? AERO
Not exacting LENIENT
One moving to a lot VALET
One spun in a tornado in a disaster film series SHARK
Packs of people CROWDS
Part of a parabola ARC
Part of the cerebrum LOBE
Pitcher who pitched a record 7,356 innings CYYOUNG
Purse part STRAP
Quick snack NOSH
Randy Newman song about a SoCal city ILOVELA
Reaction to a video of a kitten rolling around on its back, maybe AWW
Routine responsibility CHORE
Royal Rumble grp WWE
Ryder of 'Beetlejuice' WINONA
Sailor's dining space MESSROOM
Sandwich can? LOO
Saw sites? SHEDS
Say suddenly BLURTOUT
Scorpions guitarist Jabs MATTHIAS
Self-cleaning organ EAR
Shire in 'Rocky' films TALIA
Smash hit for OutKast HEYYA
Some chem majors PREMEDS
Song for a coloratura ARIA
Spark, as a blaze IGNITE
Squeaker, so to speak NARROWWIN
Stone or Mason, e.g ACTRESS
Stuck on, as a notion WEDTO
Summons, as a taxi HAILS
Swift horse ARAB
Three-time NFL MVP Favre BRETT
Tigger's marsupial pal ROO
Traffic director, briefly? GPS
Trig formula originator EULER
Unfathomably bad ABYSMAL
User's guide FAQ
Veined part of a plant LEAF
Vessel-building sites NAVYYARDS
Vitals checker, briefly EMT
Vodka brand that sounds like it should be available on a plane SKYY
Wailing woodwind SAX
Warhol's style POPART
Warn with a horn TOOT
Waterloo denizen IOWAN
Waveform peaks CRESTS
Wearable item of rock concert memorabilia TEE
Zebra moray, e.g EEL
___ Journal of Ethics (monthly pub. for docs) AMA
___-inclusive ALL