The Sun - Two Speed - Jul 19 2020

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Clues Answers
Antithesis OPPOSITE
Beer for mates: stout? ROUND
Boxer? Rib sure to be cracked BRUISER
Braggart's huge insect round university BIGMOUTH
Building at entrance GATEHOUSE
Character in scrum with toe crushed CUSTOMER
Circus gymnast ACROBAT
Clever comeback RIPOSTE
Close acquaintance CHUM
Complex junction? One following path gets lost SPAGHETTI
Copy held in Czech office ECHO
Creature in river heartless rower traps ROEDEER
Cribbage marker PEG
Deathless seabird in wild lea ETERNAL
Defeat in round one UNDO
Domain REALM
English composer ELGAR
Everlasting ETERNAL
Far side of the lake is spooky EERIE
Friend has initially cheesy smell CHUM
Gambler now attending Gamblers Anonymous? BETTER
Giggle where teetotaller in row TITTER
God having party up at home ODIN
Good heat circulating by river lodge GATEHOUSE
Gratuity TIP
Heartfelt request APPEAL
Hell-raising advice? TIP
Hostile pipe exploding with soot OPPOSITE
Clues Answers
How's that for charm? APPEAL
Lager befuddled noted genius ELGAR
Lawyer eats butter in theatre show DRAMA
Loosen UNDO
Loud or tactless talker BIGMOUTH
Margaret's wooden pin PEG
Montezuma for one AZTEC
More desirable BETTER
Nervous laugh TITTER
Norse deity ODIN
Old Mexican an unknown detective AZTEC
Pasta strings SPAGHETTI
Possibly ropiest answer RIPOSTE
Respiration BREATH
Reverberation ECHO
Set off from school in time DETONATE
Slight wind about in Bath BREATH
Small ungulate ROEDEER
Specimen EXAMPLE
Spherical ROUND
Theatrical work DRAMA
Tough guy BRUISER
True Frenchman in province REALM
Turn to hold mug and a tumbler ACROBAT
Uncanny EERIE
Warning from wife that was large EXAMPLE