Universal - Jul 18 2020

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Clues Answers
"Don't ___ stranger!" BEA
"Fancy!" OOHLALA
"Friends" co-star Courteney COX
"That's so cute!" AWW
*Be cost-conscious PENNYPINCH
*One might hold your wallet PATCHPOCKET
*Surgery that removes a bag EYELIDLIFT
56-Across activities, for short OPS
A, B, C, D, E, F or G NOTE
Abercrombie's partner FITCH
Aerie builder EAGLE
After expenses NET
Alphabetic TV channel ABC
Ancient Rome's ___ the Elder PLINY
Aptly monosyllabic number ONE
Bel Paese's country of origin ITALY
Black-and-white whale ORCA
Change for a fifty TENS
City dubbed "The Heart of Georgia" MACON
Colorado ski destination ASPEN
Commandment verb SHALT
Congressional figs REPS
Container in space CAPSULE
Corporate honcho CEO
December 24, e.g EVE
Deep purple berry ACAI
Deer's large relative ELK
Deity, to Frida Kahlo DIOS
Demeanors MIENS
DOJ branch ATF
Falco who played Carmela Soprano EDIE
Feigns ignorance ACTSNAIVE
Former Chevy whose name is Spanish for "the road" ELCAMINO
French hat BERET
Government guarantee? TAX
Ham it up EMOTE
Has a snack, say EATS
Have a very cheap wedding ELOPE
Clues Answers
Hobbit-at, with "the"? SHIRE
Hush-hush org CIA
Hygienist's instruction RINSE
Idea's beginning GERM
Islam has five PILLARS
Kathy of "Richard Jewell" BATES
Lamb's mother EWE
Like an Annapolis academy NAVAL
Like some vegan diets RAW
Limo passenger, maybe VIP
Logical opening? ECO
Longtime NPR host Diane REHM
Make a first move? ... or a clue to the starred entries STEALSECOND
Meet an April deadline online EFILE
Musician "Fatha" Hines EARL
Not single-gender COED
Noted Russian revolutionary LENIN
Proportional relationship RATIO
Schlep HAUL
Sculpted, as muscles TONED
Sense of self EGO
Soccer shoe protuberance CLEAT
Stately tree ELM
Stories TALES
Strategizes PLANS
Suspicious about LEERYOF
Ted of California LIEU
They aren't sold in individual bags LOOSETEAS
They may end in extra innings TIEGAMES
Two-time NBA MVP Curry STEPH
Ultimate degree NTH
Underwriter INSURER
Vocal ability, in slang PIPES
Voice actor Blanc MEL
Windows ancestor MSDOS
With regard to ASFOR
Yeast brand REDSTAR
___ G. Biv (rainbow mnemonic) ROY