Wall Street Journal - Jul 18 2020 - Asking for Trouble

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Clues Answers
“A horse is a horse” horse MRED
“A likely story!” HAH
“Already?” SOSOON
“Babette’s Feast” author Dinesen ISAK
“Don’t be a stranger!” KEEPINTOUCH
“Enigma Variations” composer ELGAR
“Forget it!” NOPE
“I must pray, ___ yet in bed I lie”: Coleridge ERE
“Likewise,” more formally ASDOI
“Oh, gross!” ICK
“Ripley’s Believe ___ Not!” ITOR
“Rubáiyát” poet OMAR
“See ya!” CIAO
“Sorry to say...” SADLY
2013 product debut offering “the power of lightness” IPADAIR
ABA member ATT
Amontillado or manzanilla SHERRY
Astronomer Tycho BRAHE
Athlete whose home ice is Rogers Place OILER
Automne preceder ETE
Battle of Helm’s Deep force ORCS
Be a blemish on MAR
Beat by a hair NIP
Because of DUETO
Beer buy CASE
Bloke from Brisbane AUSSIE
Bolivian export TIN
Bougainvillea feature THORN
Bring to a boil? ENRAGE
Bye word ADIEU
Cancún cash PESOS
Cascades peak SHASTA
Caspian feeder URAL
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Central MID
Chad neighbor NIGER
Chain part: Abbr ISL
Checked item COAT
Class-conscious org.? NEA
Clinker DUD
Closed in on NEARED
Codgers’ replies EHS
Coerce into helping DRAGOON
Color quality TONE
Company in a 2001 scandal ENRON
Conservationist featured on California’s state quarter MUIR
Cotton capsule BOLL
Creator of Pooh and Roo MILNE
Dash gauges TACHS
Definitely not haute cuisine GLOP
Didn’t bring a date WENTSTAG
Discern DETECT
Distressed SHOOKUP
Dunne of “I Remember Mama” IRENE
Eastern way TAO
Eerie hoverer UFO
Emmy winner Anna GUNN
Expression of approximation ORSO
Fill up EAT
First president to marry while in office TYLER
Fishing, perhaps ASEA
Focus on wheels, say CAR
Foe of Dickens’s David URIAH
Foil’s kin EPEE
Food stat RDA
Footnote note IBID
Gendered suffix ENNE
Genre for BTS KPOP
Half of a state name RHODE
Help desk offering INFO
Historian Thomas who called economics “the dismal science” CARLYLE
Clues Answers
Home to Blarney Castle ERIN
Hors d’oeuvre topping ROE
Immigrant’s class: Abbr ESL
Impediment to action FEAR
In a qualified way ELIGIBLY
In former times ONCE
Irritate BOTHER
Irritated state SNIT
It’s exhausting TAILPIPE
Jeremy’s girlfriend in 32-Down SARA
Jerry Scott comic strip ZITS
Leb. neighbor ISR
Lifted STOLE
Lisbon is located at its mouth TAGUS
Long of “Soul Food” NIA
Magazine ARSENAL
Many a Sherpa NEPALI
Market figure GROCER
Melancholy TRISTE
Minute TINY
Move up and down BOB
Nintendo’s Super ___ NES
Not as close, in children’s games COLDER
Obamacare initials ACA
Org. for the Williams sisters WTA
Packed house letters SRO
Pendant pair EARDROPS
Picked locks? AFRO
Pioneering ISP AOL
Plot portion ACRE
Poet Walcott DEREK
Pound division OUNCE
Pound divisions CAGES
Productive person MAKER
Rap sheet datum ALIAS
Raymond’s employer on “Everybody Loves Raymond” NEWSDAY
React to the heat WILT
Reacts to a punch REELS
Reef ring ATOLL
Schoolyard scrape OWIE
Secret scheming INTRIGUE
Short trip HOP
Singer Rita ORA
Smithy sight ANVIL
Spade wielder DIGGER
Specialized angler EELER
Squirmy types WRITHERS
Start of a request CANYOU
Sullenly unhappy DOUR
Target of refinement ORE
The harried barn painter was ___ CAUGHTREDHANDED
The harried canoeist was ___ UPTHECREEK
The harried chef was ___ INTHESOUP
The harried cider producer was ___ HARDPRESSED
The harried circus pyro-performer was ___ PLAYINGWITHFIRE
The harried cooper was ___ OVERABARREL
The harried mountain climber was ___ ONTHEROPES
The harried tea blender was ___ INHOTWATER
The harried tow truck driver was ___ FLATBROKE
The harried tree surgeon was ___ OUTONALIMB
Thomas Paine’s faith DEISM
Tick off IRK
Topper HAT
Treacherous standard-bearer of drama IAGO
TV host Kelly RIPA
Without letup ONEND
WNBA star Maya MOORE
Writer Rice ANNE
Wu-Tang Clan leader who scored “Kill Bill” RZA
Yellow-flowered medicinal plant TANSY
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