The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,188 - Jul 17 2020

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Clues Answers
Rummaged for a slice of pomme de terre frite from the east FERRETED
Against Lewis larking about ANTICS
At the centre of next spy plot, free warrior and adventurer EXPLORER
By which to take control, organising checks often to incarcerate 50% of ruffians SCRUFFOFTHENECK
Candy gadgeteers nod off EASTEREGG
Conveniently ignored area of revolting snot build-up? Not us! BLINDSPOT
Donald Trump, the first American king TUSK
Dropping preliminaries, sleep with newly-wed in storage space LUMBER
Friend we would back may, at a stretch, be 16 at the front? DEWLAP
Gold pens hide fiction STORIES
Holiday item? TIMEOFF
In obstetrics, is it best to ignore the odds and take no action? STET
In-house pansies, primarily as flower arrangement CHAPLET
Jacques Derrida served up wines for communists REDS
Mostly, you and I grappled with problem protein, for one BIOPOLYMER
Clues Answers
Old radio's last cry? CRYSTALSET
One possible choice for Hamlet appearing before jolly or unknown island town Tobermory
Philistine's job, on the other hand, is a fake IMPOSTOR
Reject one way or the other LEPER
Search for something in the baroque style QUEST
Second-rate heel for shoe BROGUE
See 21 ROOM
Seek asylum in UK, get a free settlement TAKEREFUGE
Small part of what comes next said you fell in love head over heels OVULE
Soldier is one of four captured by other side SQUADDIE
They appear in recital to sing ALTOS
They are not being true lovers ROMANCERS
Where birds breed round New Yorker circles ROOKERY
Whereby patient session starts with therapist's bottom in designer chair amid wise pronouncement PSYCHIATRY