Wall Street Journal - Jul 15 2020 - Passing the Bar

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Clues Answers
“Eso ___” (Paul Anka hit) BESO
“Finding Nemo” pelican NIGEL
“Hasta ___!” (“Adios!”) LUEGO
“Just a sec,” in text-speak BRB
“Oh, now the gloves are off!” ITSON
“Royals” singer LORDE
“Stay (I Missed You)” singer Lisa LOEB
Action star Jason Statham
Aisha of “Criminal Minds” TYLER
Alan with six Emmys ALDA
Ancient Andean INCA
As a result ERGO
At most ONLY
Attorney follower ATLAW
Black, to bards EBON
Brewery based in the Netherlands AMSTEL
Buffoon ASS
Central Plains people OTOE
Chives cousins SCALLIONS
Committee heads on a bender? HIGHCHAIRS
Constellation bear URSA
Covert email letters BCC
Cuff kin SLAP
Expert on IRS matters CPA
Flat peppermint candy PATTIE
French seasoning SEL
Get into the pool BET
Get precisely right NAIL
Go around ORBIT
Harsh criticism FLAK
Hitcher’s hope LIFT
Irish stew meat MUTTON
Like oak leaves LOBED
Martini option DRY
Mex. miss SRTA
Midback muscle, for short LAT
Mouth feature ROOF
Clues Answers
Noah count? TWOS
Not the hits BSIDES
On the left APORT
On the train ABOARD
One of those who mind their manors BUTLER
Oscar winner for “Green Book” ALI
Percolate SEEP
Place PUT
Police detainees on a bender? STIFFCOLLARS
Presidential nickname ABE
Regular guys on a bender? SLOPPYJOES
Sharks’ foes JETS
Shook off LOST
Sings sentimentally CROONS
Six-pack contents ABS
Socket insert BULB
Some wild ones are sown OATS
Sometime in the future MANANA
Start of many rapper names LIL
Stocking stuffers TOES
Stratego piece SPY
Taj ___ MAHAL
Tease mercilessly RIDE
Terminal sights TAKEOFFS
Thing with three feet YARD
Toledo’s lake ERIE
Touched down ALIT
Tower, often REPOMAN
Undercover operatives on a bender? POTTEDPLANTS
View in northern Italy ALPS
Volume TOME
Way out, of a sort ALIBI
Way to go PATH
Where the Magi came from EAST
Whistle blower REF
Winter Palace residents TSARINAS
Wound up TENSE
Ziggurat features TIERS