USA Today - Aug 21 2020

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Clues Answers
'How Stella Got ___ Groove Back' HER
'In Too Deep' actress Long NIA
'Insecure' star Issa RAE
'That is to say . . .' IMEAN
'The Color Purple' sister CELIE
'___ my problem' NOT
Ace's value, at times ONE
Actress Nicole ___ Parker ARI
Ankle injury SPRAIN
As well TOO
Banquet coffee dispenser URN
Bargain hunter's delight SALE
Caribou relative ELK
Circle segments ARCS
Color named for a planet MARSRED
Colorful shawls SERAPES
Concluded ENDED
Cone bearers FIRS
Consolidate MERGE
Corporate symbols LOGOS
Credit's counterpart DEBIT
Disaster relief org FEMA
Elongated fish PIKE
Employee who parks VALET
File-moving method on a computer DRAGANDDROP
Flaws in fenders DENTS
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Ginger ___ ALE
Go 50-50 on SPLIT
Grouch CRAB
Heart-to-hearts, e.g TALKS
Hospital professionals (Abbr.) DRS
Hot, food-wise SPICY
Hunter constellation ORION
Hydroelectric ___ DAM
Is introduced to MEETS
Italian sparkling wine ASTI
Like some exams ORAL
Clues Answers
Little fellow WEELAD
Mistake ERROR
Movie release format DVD
Name on agricultural equipment DEERE
Name that's an anagram of a word in 41-Down DRE
Orecchiette shape EAR
Pampers products DIAPERS
Part of MoMA ART
Past its prime OLD
Pays attention LISTENS
Pewter component TIN
Place a bet WAGER
Places with lifeguards POOLS
Play boisterously HORSEAROUND
Portable device for warming a small area SPACEHEATER
Price for a promo ADRATE
Puts at ease CALMS
Quarrel ARGUE
Rabbit-sized marsupial RATKANGAROO
Radical FAROUT
Resulted in LEDTO
Semicolon part DOT
Significant period in history ERA
Some apartments LOFTS
Source of lead or iron ORE
Spent the night CRASHED
Spine-tingling EERIE
Stinging insect HORNET
Sundiata Keita ruled one EMPIRE
Takes time for some Tomi Adeyemi READS
There's no winner in one TIE
Tic-toe connector TAC
Tickle pink ELATE
University officials DEANS
Winter closure SNOWDAY
Winter precipitation SLEET
World Cup shout OLE
___ to (look after) TEND