L.A. Times Daily - Jul 14 2020

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Clues Answers
"Dream on!" IBET
"I stand corrected" MYMISTAKE
"Let __ be light" THERE
"No __": "Beats me" IDEA
"__ harm": Hippocratic Oath principle DONO
*Athletic brand for yoga class LULULEMON
*Beachgoer's footwear FLIPFLOP
*Raid with a K-9 unit, perhaps DRUGBUST
*Stops smoking suddenly and entirely, say QUITSCOLDTURKEY
180-degree turn, in slang UIE
At full strength UNABATED
Blacken on the grill SEAR
Building wing ELL
Canvas holder EASEL
Cape Cod town TRURO
Chair support LEG
Cheers for matadors OLES
Chomp or nip BITE
Co. known for music compilations KTEL
Coffee dispenser URN
Color akin to turquoise AQUA
Comical Costello LOU
Contact lens solution brand RENU
Divorced female parent SINGLEMOM
Fall Out Boy genre EMO
Fast one, so to speak CON
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Forks over PAYS
Funeral rite heap PYRE
Gaucho's rope RIATA
Get up ARISE
God with a bow EROS
Grammy-winning jazzman Hancock HERBIE
Gridiron VIPs QBS
Grows older AGES
Having all one's marbles SANE
Hawaii's state bird NENE
Historic period ERA
Ice hockey target NET
Clues Answers
Iron mine output ORE
Italy's capital ROME
Kabul native AFGHANI
Kids' play boxes with plastic spheres BALLPITS
L, on clothes: Abbr LGE
Like recycled bottles EMPTY
Like the simplest instructions ONESTEP
Lily pad habitats PONDS
Look creepily (at) LEER
Medicine amounts DOSES
Milker's handful UDDER
Mine, in Montreal AMOI
More, for Miguel MAS
Must-haves NEEDS
Part of IPA ALE
PC-to-PC system LAN
Poindexter DWEEB
Poke fun at TEASE
Poor, as an excuse LAME
Portfolio item ASSET
Rap sheet abbr AKA
Sample, as food TASTE
Scarlett in love with a Butler OHARA
Serialized daytime TV SOAPS
Sign of things to come OMEN
Smidgen BIT
Specialized unit seeking explosives ... or what the ends of the answers to starred clues comprise? BOMBSQUAD
State of matter SOLID
Steak : turf :: lobster : __ SURF
Superman's birth name KALEL
They open doors KEYS
Vanishing ski lift TBAR
Verdi works OPERAS
Whiskey barrel wood OAK
Young salamander EFT
__ out a living EKED
__ sapiens HOMO
__ spray: decongestant NASAL