Wall Street Journal - Jul 14 2020 - Climbing Trees

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Clues Answers
“Adam, now ___ thine eyes”: “Paradise Lost” OPE
“Socrate” composer Erik SATIE
“Wheel of Fortune” studio SONY
1847 Melville book OMOO
4,840 square yards ACRE
Approvals OKS
Athlete’s contract provision NOTRADECLAUSE
Baby gate feature LATCH
Bar announcement LASTCALL
Barely passable POOR
Best Picture winner directed by Ben Affleck ARGO
Big swig BELT
Borstein of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” ALEX
Bought without question ATEUP
Brownstone features STOOPS
Campaign souvenirs TEES
Cancels, at Cape Canaveral ABORTS
Canine command STAY
Caribbean island about 18 miles north of Venezuela ARUBA
Cathedral namesake SAINT
Chef known to “kick it up a notch” EMERIL
Commuter’s trip, sometimes TRAINRIDE
Conductor Klemperer OTTO
Creative fields ARTS
Data pros ANALYSTS
Deceitful distractions RUSES
Designed for comfort ERGONOMIC
Dunkable treat OREO
Essential point CRUX
Exclamation CRY
Fashion house LABEL
Gamer’s “Yay!” WOOT
German exclamation ACH
Higgs ___ (elementary particle discovered in 2012) BOSON
Informational online resources HELPPAGES
Issued a decision RULED
Clues Answers
It has a maximum score of 1520 PSAT
It tends to be relatively sparse RURALPOPULATION
It’s bound to be used by a congregant HYMNAL
Join a quilting bee SEW
Landscaper’s pride MANICUREDLAWN
Largest island in the Philippines LUZON
Largest of the Greek islands CRETE
Like ocean air SALTY
Maker of Zuma scooters YAMAHA
NFL punter Johnny Hekker, for one LARAM
Nobel Peace Prize winner who was archbishop of Cape Town TUTU
Object THING
One found around the corner? DUNCE
One of 2020’s front-line heroes NURSE
Onion relative LEEK
Overly indulgent LAX
Patisserie enticement AROMA
Priest from Lhasa LAMA
Product from Harry’s RAZOR
Purplish color PUCE
Revealing interjection TADA
Showed a second time RERAN
Showy neckwear BOA
Sinister signs EVILOMENS
Sorrowful stanzas ELEGY
Spanakopita ingredient FETA
Supersedes TRUMPS
Supporting FOR
Take steps ACT
Target of a 1917 ouster TSAR
Throws out EXPELS
Tooth projection CUSP
Track shape OVAL
Water source SPIGOT
Word after coin or ring TOSS
Word with an end time UNTIL