Family Time - Jul 13 2020

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Clues Answers
"... ___ like Christmas" (2 words) ALOT
"Aah!" accompanier OOH
"Street" in French RUE
"Will there be anything ___?" ELSE
Age-determining stat YOB
Air that can sting the eyes SMOG
An Apple core? CPU
Aquatic creature with whiskers (2 words) FURSEAL
Be a real character? ACT
Bereavements GRIEFS
Bestow honors upon FETE
Board member, for short EXEC
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Cheerios grains OATS
Clio, Thalia and seven others MUSES
Did more than hurried SPED
Does and does? DEER
Evidence that's impossible to dispute DNA
Extinct cousin of the kiwi MOA
Extremely valuable mine find LODE
Faucet TAP
Feeling of astonishment AWE
Fireplace remains ASH
Fix an email RETYPE
Geological span of many, many years EON
Grab NAB
Hat worn with a kilt TAM
Hem and ___ HAW
Huge school test EXAM
Informal name of a Brazilian vacation spot RIO
Installed, as brick LAID
It holds your hand ARM
It's a funny thing HUMOR
Clues Answers
Jack Horner's last two words (2 words) AMI
Left at sea? APORT
Letter-rich deli order BLT
Like a battery that will never work again DEAD
Like an untended garden WEEDY
Luxurious place to get fit SPA
Mini-ocean SEA
Not in favor of ANTI
Not many FEW
One of three on a stool LEG
One way to say goodbye TATA
Past tense of "is" WAS
Payer of flat fees? LESSEE
Pearl harborer? OYSTER
Plane distancing org FAA
Reinforced eyelet GROMMET
Reminder of an incision SCAR
Restaurant listing MENU
Roman ceremonial gown TOGA
Sharp part of a knife EDGE
Shish ___ KEBAB
Shoemaker's punching device AWL
Small bit of land in the ocean ISLE
Sound of a brick hitting a barn door BAM
Sound of a hearty laugh YUK
Stamped and sent MAILED
Striped whistleblowers REFS
Sword handles HILTS
Thing created when tying one's shoes LOOP
Traveled like a trout SWAM
What a good poet might need to be RHYMER
Word often with "I told you so!" SEE
Worker behind a 17-inch plate UMP
Yoko who married a Beatle ONO