The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,078 - Jul 13 2020

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Clues Answers
16's collaborator points to broken legs ENGELS
A fellow spy? AGENT
About to get Grauniad's ultimate compiler a dog REDSETTER
Bad time of year to make babies? OFFSPRING
Cantankerous individual welcoming king to railway ORNERY
Chuck out note found in campanologist's file RINGBINDER
Disinclined to be part of lifesaver's experiment AVERSE
Essential part of diet is not ripe, unfortunately PROTEIN
Fine pass for unruly boy at centre of row TICKETYBOO
Gets smaller new missiles NARROWS
Good intentions involving god ODIN
Had scene rewritten to include analyst getting malicious pleasure SCHADENFREUDE
Hit barrier at work WALLOP
Lark about with doctor in prison GAMBOL
Member raising support given gin cocktail at get-together MEETING
Clues Answers
No longer around, former partner can go to court EXTINCT
Northern race excited by mother-of-pearl NACRE
One doing weaving with dye INDIGO
Orpheus finally going to underworld for hints SHADES
Pay attention to silent movement LISTEN
Plan to find valuable stone under layers of rock STRATAGEM
Reportedly uninteresting fruit SLOE
Responded to article by son and wife before daughter ANSWERED
Revolutionary listened to records MARX
Senator's sounding strained after judgment SENTENCE
Service man licensed by bishop to brew dreary ale LAYREADER
Shoe made from carpenter's first piece of wood CLOG
Special gold poured into Scotsman's pouch SPORRAN
Trials new English and Scottish flag SALTIRE