New York Times - Jul 13 2020

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Clues Answers
'... well, never mind then' ORNOT
'Gimme a C ...!' and 'Go team!' YELLS
'How ya ___?' BEEN
'Oh, no!' CRAP
'Take that!' BOOYAH
'Take this!' HERE
'The Princess Diaries' actress Anne HATHAWAY
'To Kill a Mockingbird' or 'The Maltese Falcon' NOVEL
'___, Brute?' ETTU
A.P. ___ (high school English course, for short) LANG
Alpha Kappa Alpha, for one SORORITY
Asterisk STAR
Basic cable channel that's part of WarnerMedia Entertainment TBS
Bird whose head doesn't make a sound? WREN
Bread bag closer TIE
Bringer of cold weather NORTHWIND
Close NEAR
Close NIGH
Comment made with a pat on the back GOODFORYOU
Commotions TODOS
Complaints BEEFS
Dee ___, director of 'Bessie' and 'Mudbound' REES
Diamond shape, in geometry RHOMBUS
Flower of the tree Prunus mume PLUMBLOSSOM
Forms a mass of small bubbles FROTHS
Game piece on which 20-, 33- or 39-Across might be pictured MAHJONGTILE
Garnish for a Corona LIME
Gas detected by home test kits RADON
Gets discontinued ENDS
Gourmand's passion FOOD
Hairstyle option WEAVE
Hairstyle option TWISTS
Impulse URGE
Inactive IDLE
Lindsay of 'The Parent Trap' LOHAN
Little 'uns TOTS
Main body of a ship HULL
Clues Answers
Make a mistake ERR
Miles away AFAR
Milk source on a dairy cow UDDER
Money back on a purchase REBATE
Month with no federal holidays AUGUST
Nickname for grandma NANA
One corner on a Monopoly board JAIL
One-named singer with the hit 'Dark Lady' CHER
One-named singer with the hit 'Orinoco Flow' ENYA
Palo ___, Calif ALTO
Personality facet TRAIT
Place to store canned goods PANTRY
Rainless DRY
Rampaging ONATEAR
Receptors for solar energy PANELS
Regions AREAS
Rude sound at the dinner table BURP
Scheduling guesses that might be updated in midair, for short ETAS
See 8-Down AGO
Small earring STUD
Subtract's opposite ADD
Superlative BEST
Texter's 'Oh, just remembered ...' BTW
The 'R' of the Supreme Court's R.B.G RUTH
The Little Mermaid ARIEL
Travel all over the place ROAM
Trinket worn for luck AMULET
Tropical fruit MANGO
Unrestrained shopping trip SPREE
What cold weather may bring FROST
When tripled, a liar's mantra DENY
Winged beast on the Welsh flag REDDRAGON
With 36-Across, in the distant past AGES
Word before whiz GEE
Word between File and View on a menu bar EDIT
Work well together MESH
___ mater ALMA
___-hole (place to secrete oneself) HIDEY