The Washington Post - Jul 12 2020

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Clues Answers
'I __ you one!' OWE
'Iliad' war god ARES
'It's Your Space' sloganeer AVIS
'Middle Waters' tribe OSAGE
'That __ fun!' WAS
'__ just take a minute' ITLL
13-Across lander ARK
160 square rods ACRE
2010 Barack appointee ELENA
45-Across landing site ARARAT
Activist Parks ROSA
Altercation RUNIN
Ancient Persian MEDE
Area of conflict ARENA
Artist's asset EYE
Attach a new label to RETAG
Balloon operator AERONAUT
Banned apple spray ALAR
Baseball club BAT
Become visible on the horizon RISE
Boorish CRASS
Bridge framework TRESTLE
Brightly colored fish TETRA
Bronx Bombers, on scoreboards NYY
Café haunter, say HABITUE
Caviar choice BELUGA
Change ALTER
Chef's asset PALATE
Chess __ SET
Cockney greeting ELLO
Command for DDE ETO
Copied APED
Correspondence sign-off BEST
Cover-crop grass RYE
Cuban dance RUMBA
Defects FLAWS
Diamond smash LINER
Different OTHER
Dressed like the winning coach after the traditional ice bath? INACOLDSWEATER
Dried-up SERE
Eliciting feeling EMOTIVE
Emmy-winning legal drama LALAW
Eng. majors' degrees BAS
Enjoy a meal DINE
Epitome of simplicity ABC
Establishment with tastings WINERY
Fairy tale beasts OGRES
Fashion photographer Richard AVEDON
Fencing gear EPEES
First word of Burns' 'To a Mouse' WEE
Flying Solo? HAN
Foolish DAFT
Forsaken LORN
Fudd, when being elusive? SLIPPERYELMER
Got a Mini airborne? FLEWTHECOOPER
Gradually become narrower TAPER
Graph line AXIS
Had a bite ATE
Hat often with a pompon TAM
Heath growth also called furze GORSE
Hedren of 'The Birds' TIPPI
High-__ monitor RES
Human embodiment AVATAR
Hurry-scurry HASTE
Impertinent in tone SNARKY
Important figure in pro sports AGENT
In reserve TOSPARE
Investigative journalist Seymour HERSH
It's not uncommon to twist it ANKLE
Juicy tidbits MORSELS
Knot on a gift BOW
Leader of the track PACECAR
Clues Answers
Life-size cutout to promote 'Rocky'? CARDBOARDBOXER
Like some friends FURRY
Linda of 'Alice' LAVIN
Logician's asset REASON
Make amends ATONE
Matters of degrees ANGLES
Meal involving charoseth, a symbolic fruit paste SEDER
Military uniform material SERGE
Moving about ASTIR
Musician's asset EAR
Nine-inch measure SPAN
Not high SOBER
On the main ASEA
One giving you a hand DEALER
One just hanging in the forest SLOTH
Otherwise ELSE
Pantry nook for chewy candies? CARAMELCORNER
Partly melted snow SLUSH
Personal OWN
Play an April Fool's joke on, say TEASE
Polo clubs MALLETS
Popular video-sharing app, familiarly INSTA
Prefix with -mance BRO
Quenya and Sindarin are forms of it ELVISH
Really stood out SHONE
Regret losing one's straw hat? MISSTHEBOATER
Remarkable deed FEAT
Removed the center from CORED
Removes permanently ERASES
Rose petal perfume ATTAR
Rowland Macy's inspiration for the red star logo TATTOO
Salty drops TEARS
Samoan capital APIA
Scots Gaelic ERSE
Set up for the fall FRAME
Sheet in a window PANE
Shoe that's really not better-than-none? HALFALOAFER
Shoemaker's strips WELTS
Shorebird WADER
Short revitalizer CATNAP
Skincare aid CREAM
Slug follower? FEST
Soliloquy site STAGE
Something to make on a sunny day? HAY
Source of metal ORE
Speak loftily ORATE
Spinner in the wind VANE
Starters ATEAM
Sun: Pref HELIO
Take forcefully SEIZE
Timely benefit BOON
Travel guide co-founder Michelin ANDRE
Treats with scorn SNUBS
Triumphant cry AHA
Tuesday special, in many eateries TACO
Two-finger signs VEES
Two-time Oscar winner Zellweger RENEE
Unblinking AGAZE
Union __ DUES
Untrained or undressed RAW
Up on the latest info AWARE
Watchword MANTRA
Way up the slope TBAR
Where time cards are punched ATWORK
Whistle blowers REFS
Wide view PANORAMA
Wide-mouthed pitchers EWERS
Word with cut or crust UPPER
__ race RELAY