- Jul 11 2020

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Clues Answers
''Avengers'' enemy LOKI
''Everyone likes me, __ nobody understands me'': Einstein YET
''He IS American music,'' per Kern BERLIN
''The Trumpet Shall Sound'' in ''Messiah,'' e.g BASSSOLO
10-min. walk for many ONEKM
Abréviation du dictionnaire MASC
Airy, crunchy snack RICECAKE
And next THEN
Andean condor prey ALPACA
Austronesian transportation invention CATAMARAN
Bonneville Salt Flats events SPEEDTRIALS
Call to action RALLYINGCRY
Capital with the University of The South Pacific APIA
Carpet stain removable with vinegar TEA
Certain vitamins ACIDS
Cook's left APORT
Cover name on ''My Father At 100'' RON
Credit crunch overseer SEC
Did pan-roasting? DERIDED
Drop-off spot MATTRESS
Faux glow SPRAYTAN
Focus of a Buenos Aires museum EVAPERON
Gum for the office ERASER
Home of Panhandle Natl. Forests IDA
House-closing disclosure APR
Inner feeling URGE
It may be crying NEED
Knightly order's kind of cross MALTESE
Maximally crowded into a class SRO
Metaphor for an ultimate challenge EVEREST
Minimum for some board games AGETEN
Much of King Solomon's Temple CEDAR
New-''timey'' short-video app TIKTOK
Nike patent infringement opponent (c. 1992) AVIA
One filling in at school? TESTEE
Clues Answers
One of the Stockholm Convention's ''dirty dozen'' DDT
Onset of evening LONGE
Opposite of ''absentee'' ONSITE
Part of the '80s ''demokratizatsiya'' program GLASNOST
Pawn's purpose FASTCASH
Phone company that became a mega-conglomerate ITT
Place for potatoes SACK
Region around Athens ATTICA
Role for a mole SABOTEUR
Roses on TR's coat of arms, e.g VISUALPUN
Sainted early follower of Francis CLARE
Sanctions south of El Paso SISI
Screened over RERAN
Short rows TIFFS
Something under elder care LORE
Strauss opera based on Sophocles ELEKTRA
Stuff GLUT
Sub heading? SEAWAR
Swimmer or blister CARP
Symbol of simple living WALDENPOND
Takes quite a while to deliver ORATES
Tangibly realize MAKE
The ultimate scholarship FREERIDE
The __ (barbecue city, affectionately) LOU
Things written off LOSTCAUSES
Traffic noise dampener BERM
Uses explosive charges RANTS
Viscous oil source TARSAND
Water-plant grazer MANATEE
What makes flamingos pink CAROTENE
What some coffee menus list as ''misto'' LAIT
What the Forest Service is part of USDA
Word from Old Norse for ''grin'' GLOAT
Yarn store inventory DYE
Yeats contemporary SYNGE