- Jul 10 2020

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Clues Answers
''America the Beautiful'' pronoun THEE
''Look out'' OHOH
''__-Factor'' (title of puzzle) THEX
4___ (permanently, to texters) EVA
Add to one's age SENESCE
Almanac's historical listing POPES
Apt rhyme for ''whacks'' AXE
Arabian Peninsula person YEMENI
Art center of Spain PRADO
Battery pole ANODE
Bear partial to bamboo PANDA
Bear witness ATTEST
Broadcasting ONAIR
Chapman, __ Appleseed AKA
Check-in information NAME
Come again RECUR
Crash-proof party OPENHOUSE
Crashes a party SNEAKSIN
Creator of Bart and Homer MATT
Dante's last name ALIGHIERI
Dashboard device service SIRIUSXMRADIO
Diamond alternative for engagement rings OPAL
Dice pastime with dragons, for short RPG
Enters with care EASESIN
Extraneous data NOISE
Extremely important PIVOTAL
Female markers XXCHROMOSOMES
Film with Eastwood as a drug courier THEMULE
Fond touch CARESS
Foot finisher PED
Give much less than one's best DOGIT
Give off EXUDE
Hammer handle material ASH
Hand waver's scream MEME
Henhouse, for instance ROOST
Hoi polloi MASSES
Hunger, in one sense THIRST
Clues Answers
Islamic jurisdiction EMIRATE
Last night, vis-à-vis today EVE
LAX display ETA
Let have it good SCATHE
Letters near some UPCs NTWT
Loathsome one WORM
Mandolin cousin UKE
Moved like a hockey puck SLID
Name similar to Hannah ANITA
New business STARTUP
New England haddock SCROD
Office communication MEMO
Par-three rarities EAGLES
Partake of EAT
Private, as some neighborhoods GATED
Put down DISSED
Rather hard to notice WEE
Reminiscent of volcanoes CONED
Request for restatement HUH
Ship-shaped NAVAL
Shout of satisfaction YES
Some web-toed waders HERONS
Something named for Victoria ERA
Step, in Dieppe PAS
Stun AWE
Symbol of a British isle MANXCAT
System whose support ended in 2019 WINDOWSXP
Tech for surveyors GPS
They're all relatives KIN
Thought the worst of DETESTED
Two-legged squealer SNITCH
Web-toed wader PELICAN
What Dalí wasn't called SAL
What the tired might take TEN
Wintertime toy SLED
Yokohama ''yes'' HAI
__-century furniture MID