- Feb 3 2010

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Clues Answers
''The Honeymooners ''wife ALICE
70 Across homes NESTS
Aesop offering FABLE
Ancient Yucatán inhabitant MAYAN
Assign a grade to RATE
Bambi, et al. DEER
Barnyard enclosures PENS
Beer relative ALE
Behaves ACTS
Ben Stiller's mother MEARA
Bits of smoke WISPS
Brunch choice OMELET
Brunch, e.g. MEAL
Call up RING
Chat-room message POST
Church official CLERIC
Chutzpah GALL
Cools down ICES
Country-club game GOLF
Daring GUTSY
Dash off a note SCRAWL
Debate heatedly ARGUE
Deep unease ANGST
Definitive defeat ROUT
Den fixture POOLTABLE
Despise HATE
Director Kazan ELIA
Economist's cap LIMIT
Egyptian port SUEZ
Exploits DEEDS
Fast-moving RAPID
For fear that LEST
Glowing coal EMBER
Grand __ (coup in bridge) SLAM
Hardly hairy BALD
Important period ERA
In a huff MIFFED
Intend MEAN
It's just over a yard METER
Clues Answers
Jury's finding, perhaps GUILT
Kitchen cooker STOVE
Layer TIER
Leave out OMIT
Luge or toboggan SLED
Menlo Park middle name ALVA
Mosaic piece TILE
Move unsteadily TEETER
Nice and snug COZY
Nimble-fingered DEFT
Paper quantity REAM
Payment for release RANSOM
Piece of prose ESSAY
Pierre's school ECOLE
Plumb __ LOCO
Poet Lazarus EMMA
Poisonous snake ASP
Prefix meaning ''both'' AMBI
Regions REALMS
Remnant SCRAP
Risky business, for short SPEC
Roller coaster rider's cry WHEE
Santa __, CA CLARA
Schnozz NOSE
Search with a remote CHANNELSURF
Show-biz twins' surname OLSEN
Sign of boredom YAWN
Small piece of land ISLE
Stew ingredients BAYLEAVES
Talk host DeGeneres ELLEN
Talks wildly RANTS
Trousers material CHINO
Unwanted pantry visitors ANTS
White Rabbit's line IMLATE
Winner's take, sometimes ALL
Words of wisdom SOUNDADVICE
Yale students ELIS
__ hair pasta ANGEL