New York Times - Jul 9 2020

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Clues Answers
'Can ___ an amen?' IGET
'How could I be so silly?!' DOH
'___ is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice': William Jennings Bryan DESTINY
'___ luck!' LOTSA
2003 Will Ferrell comedy ELF
Attempt STAB
Bad thing to do NONO
Be routed LOSEBIG
Believability, for short CRED
Bending pipes ELBOWS
Bit of bedding LINEN
Bring to fullness ROUNDOUT
Calendar pgs MOS
Capital of Belarus MINSK
Caught off guard THREWFORALOOP
Checked out EYED
Choice on many surveys OTHER
Collection of five books TORAH
Colorful bit of cereal FROOTLOOP
Consume, biblically EATOF
Damage MAR
Dress like GOAS
Edwardian-era transport HANSOM
Effort DOING
Face of modern technology EMOJI
Folk singer Phil OCHS
French beans? TETES
German city where Einstein was born ULM
Grimm creature GNOME
Grinch's creator SEUSS
Gymnasium equipment MAT
Hora, for one CIRCLEDANCE
If-then counterpart ELSE
It 'comes on little cat feet,' per Carl Sandburg FOG
Lawn care brand TORO
Like Claritin, for short OTC
Clues Answers
Lipizzaner, e.g STEED
Lug along TOTE
Mojito garnish MINT
Negative response to 'Shall we?' LETSNOT
Network of secret agents SPYRING
Off the wall LOCO
Offer at the bar THISROUNDISONME
One of many for a ranch ACRE
One who has it coming? HEIR
Perceived SEEN
Perceived FELT
Puffed up SMUG
Put in a snit MIFF
Quick to anger TESTY
Quit stalling ACT
Response to 'Who's a good boy?' ARF
Rugby formation SCRUM
SALT component ARMS
Solheim Cup org LPGA
Some tech sch. grads EES
Something you don't want in the bed WEED
Sound followed by a whistle, in cartoons SNORING
Sounds a bit off DOESNTRINGTRUE
Spanish clergyman PADRE
Stops on the road INNS
Straight up NEAT
Test the water? SIP
Told what to do BOSSED
Travel quickly JET
Travel tirelessly? SLED
Unite in defense CIRCLETHEWAGONS
Vividly colored NEON
Word containing itself twice ESS
Word with press or mess KIT
Writes 'millenium' or 'accomodate,' e.g ERRS
___ deal RAW
___ importance (trivial) OFNO
___ tradition ORAL