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Clues Answers
"... — quit!" (threat ender) ORI
"Eww, no more!," in a text message TMI
"In case that's true ..." IFSO
"Jack Sprat could — fat" EATNO
"One Day at —" (sitcom) ATIME
"Someone's already claimed that seat" ITSTAKEN
"Tickle Me" dolls ELMOS
15th of the month, maybe IDES
16th-century Spanish explorer CORONADO
1992 Tony nominee for Best Musical FIVEGUYSNAMEDMOE
20-ounce Starbucks drink VENTI
60 minutes HOUR
A-E linkup BCD
Actress Laura DERN
Adult fellows MEN
Age-verifying docs IDS
Allow to LET
Alluring West MAE
Ancient French region ALSATIA
Apple choice IMAC
Aquarium bed material GRAVEL
Arabic for "son of" IBN
Back muscle, for short LAT
Be averse to DISLIKE
Big fad CRAZE
Blazing ONFIRE
Body design, for short TAT
Brand for sore eyes VISINE
Bullring shout OLE
Camille Saint- — SAENS
Casa brick ADOBE
Compositions of a classical tradition ARTMUSIC
Cruel Amin IDI
Dangerous current RIPTIDE
Detective Wolfe NERO
Disney sci-fi film of 1982 TRON
Doc using an otoscope ENT
Docs' gp AMA
Doesn't go on STOPS
Dogs closely following their owners HEELERS
Don Juan's mother INEZ
Drew forth ELICITED
Drive away REPEL
Earth science subj GEOL
Electees, e.g INS
Escargot SNAIL
Eve's partner ADAM
Fabled snow beast YETI
Failing tic-tac-toe row XOO
Feeling blue SAD
Feudal lord LIEGE
Figure skater Yamaguchi KRISTI
Financial: Abbr FISC
Former U.K. record co EMI
From days of yore OLDEN
Grand opening? GEE
Grande opening? RIO
Grows fond of WARMSTO
Guesses on costs: Abbr ESTS
Hanks of "Big" TOM
Heady drink ALE
Hearst bimonthly with beauty and dating tips SEVENTEENMAGAZINE
Hearth refuse ASH
Helper AIDE
Heredity unit GENE
Herr's "one" EIN
Homer with nobody on SOLOSHOT
Inspired stuff AIR
Instrument players gifted in a Christmas song ELEVENPIPERSPIPING
K thru 12 ELHI
Clues Answers
Kathmandu's nation NEPAL
Lay turf on SOD
Listerine competitor SCOPE
Lofty peak ALP
Log house CABIN
Look intently PEER
Lookout view VISTA
Low-value red card TWOOFDIAMONDS
Luggage screeners' org TSA
Make ecstatic ELATE
Mark Twain's Thatcher BECKY
Meal crumb ORT
Menial worker PEON
Most snug COZIEST
Moving ASTIR
Moving truck VAN
Muhammad of the ring ALI
Narrow valley GLEN
Not qualified UNFIT
Not worth debating MOOT
Novelist Zola EMILE
Oedipus-themed Aeschylus play SEVENAGAINSTTHEBES
One making modifications ALTERER
Otherwise ELSE
Overbrim TEEM
People painting, e.g COATERS
Pet allergy source DANDER
Place for grist MILL
Prefix with byte TERA
Pried (around) NOSED
Proton holder ATOM
Rah-rah AVID
Raised trains ELS
Raw metal ORE
Red-ink entry DEBIT
Red-ink entry LOSS
Romero of "Batman" CESAR
Roomy auto SEDAN
Rose petal oil ATTAR
Score speed TEMPO
Sculling item OAR
Seance state TRANCE
Seniors' org AARP
Shakespeare play ending ACTV
Shoes and boots FOOTWEAR
Solar beam RAY
Some RNs work in them ERS
Sports shoe brand AVIA
Straightens up NEATENS
Suffix with Midwest ERN
Supply- — (certain economist) SIDER
Surrenders CEDES
T. — Price ROWE
Tennis, volleyball and badminton NETGAMES
The "P" of AP PRESS
Thyroid, e.g GLAND
Title for Judi Dench DAME
Toddler girl, to Scots WEELASS
Transmission repair chain AAMCO
Tricky pitch SLIDER
Univ. dorm overseers RAS
University sports org NCAA
Upper layers of fertile earth TOPSOILS
Virginia and Georgia were part of them THIRTEENCOLONIES
What the starts of the longest answers in this puzzle are? PRIMEEXAMPLES
Wife, to Juan ESPOSA
Wind quintet instrument OBOE
Witches in "Macbeth" THREEWEIRDSISTERS
Witty Bombeck ERMA
Writer — Boothe Luce CLARE
— facto IPSO