The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8324

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Clues Answers
Arrogant newcomer UPSTART
Ballroom dance RUMBA
Book for photos ALBUM
Breed of dog ALSATIAN
Daydream REVERIE
Dip into liquid IMMERSE
Disease of potatoes BLIGHT
Email folder INBOX
Excessively flattering (R, not L) SMARMY
Figure denoting a number NUMERAL
Foolish UNWISE
Green vegetable SPINACH
Growing older AGEING
Clues Answers
In addition ALSO
In one way or another SOMEHOW
Native to, eg, Beirut LEBANESE
Originate ARISE
Phone message TEXT
Publicly; evidently OVERTLY
Soothing ointment SALVE
Spirit (of, eg, an age) ETHOS
Strong, solid STURDY
Supple, graceful LITHE
Talks wildly; parties RAVES
Treat carelessly NEGLECT
Unit of volume LITRE
Wheel coverings TYRES