- Jul 6 2020

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Clues Answers
''Ask me; __ expert!'' IMAN
''Close but no __'' CIGAR
''Game of Thrones'' cable channel HBO
''Hey you!'' whisper PSST
''Ring-a-round'' girl of kids' rhyme ROSIE
''Victory is mine!'' IWIN
''When You Wish __ a Star'' UPON
''Yea'' votes AYES
16-oz. measures LBS
A Great Lake ERIE
Allows LETS
Aluminum wrap for leftovers FOIL
Angel's circular topper HALO
Aroma ODOR
Big-beaked parrots MACAWS
Boast BRAG
Boutique SHOP
Boxing official, for short REF
Bring together UNITE
Bull or stallion MALE
Cap or derby HAT
Card higher than a king ACE
Celebrity, for short VIP
China's continent ASIA
Curve of a foot ARCH
Detective's handheld illuminator FLASHLIGHT
Detective's handheld view enlarger MAGNIFYINGGLASS
Detective's tiny picture taker MINICAMERA
Direction opposite SSW NNE
Donkey sound HEEHAW
Door-to-wall hardware HINGE
Early __ (morning person) RISER
Emmy or Oscar AWARD
End-of-sentence dot PERIOD
Frequently, informally ALOT
Get __ of (throw out) RID
Getting new molars, say TEETHING
Grains in granola bars OATS
Hair-stiffening goo GEL
Clues Answers
High society group ELITE
Historical period ERA
Hole-boring machines DRILLS
In the past ONCE
Indoor sports venue ARENA
Land surrounded by water ISLE
Leave off the list OMIT
Long-necked graceful bird SWAN
Manage to get away from EVADE
Marry on the run ELOPE
Medicinal tablet PILL
Metal in dumbbells IRON
Microscopic bit of heredity GENE
Nickname for a physician DOC
Not as much LESS
On __ (burning) FIRE
Outer layer of a molar ENAMEL
Paper towel package ROLL
Pay no attention to IGNORE
Performer who doesn't talk MIME
Poems of praise ODES
Raggedy doll ANN
Roaring big cat LION
Rustic hotels INNS
Seeds of peaches or cherries PITS
Self-images EGOS
Shining circle in the night sky FULLMOON
Skin irritation from poison ivy RASH
Skyscraper's steel beam GIRDER
St. __ (city near Tampa) PETE
Takes a chair SITS
Tears in paper RIPS
The Sahara, for one DESERT
Underground part of a plant ROOT
Variety of shoe leather SUEDE
Walk through water WADE
With the necessary skills ABLE
Wizard's skill MAGIC
__ Angeles, CA LOS