The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,406 - Jul 3 2020

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Clues Answers
Answer corresponded with 500 brought forward enough ADEQUATE
Attackers battle to block river crossings FORWARDS
Award goal -- that hurts! ENDOW
Bacon and his bust DANISH
Canadian ready to knock over everyone in bar DOLLAR
Cancel Times (electronic) ERASE
Charm of spoken prayers PLEASE
College certainly not over for some workers UNION
Confirms visiting cricket matches ATTESTS
Doctor cycles about area, runs hardly at all SCARCELY
During delay, journalist must be located INSTALLED
Hammered after failing to get first bit bolted down EATEN
Mum retails recycled stuff builder needs? MATERIALS
Old guitar group tracks SHADOWS
Clues Answers
Passions and affairs covered by Eastern Echo? On the contrary FEELINGS
Payment I rejected, in part or whole ENTIRE
Places fostering growth of revolutionary lies FORESTS
Put on afters -- served up, disregarding time as directed ADDRESSED
Shout 'Vamoose!' -- coyote's tail gets trapped SCREAM
Soldier, 17, in mess GENERAL
Soldiers on street -- sister and agent heading back PERSISTS
Taking turns, watch in raft, an all-round vast place AFRICA
Telling shifts in human interactions RELATIONSHIPS
The deep connection between Italy and Libya? MEDITERRANEAN
Twin, one with incoherent dialect found around north IDENTICAL
University town's giving Bill openings READINGS
When erected, integral nest boxes expand ENLARGE
Work out exit COMEOFF