L.A. Times Daily - Jan 31 2010

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Clues Answers
"Are too!" response AMNOT
"Click it or ticket" subject SEATBELTS
"Dilbert" Generic Guy TED
"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" author LOOS
"__ Alibi": Selleck film HER
"__ durn tootin'!" YER
1936 Chaplin classic MODERNTIMES
1979 Nobel Peace Prize recipient MOTHERTERESA
Amy Winehouse Grammy-winning song REHAB
Annapolis inst. USNA
Annapolis newbie PLEBE
Apr. advisor CPA
Area 51 sighting, briefly UFO
Armchair partner OTTOMAN
At least as NOLESS
Attacking the job ATIT
Bankrupt Korean automaker DAEWOO
Bausch & Lomb brand RENU
Blake's daybreaks MORNS
Brief moments SECS
Brink EDGE
Broad collars ETONS
Broadcasting ONAIR
Business VIP EXEC
Calliope power STEAM
Charlie Chaplin, from 1952 to 1972 EXILE
Chips follower? AHOY
Choice word ELSE
Completely fall apart GOTORUIN
Con __: briskly, in music MOTO
Corkscrew pasta ROTINI
Count player LUGOSI
Crisp named for an opera singer MELBATOAST
Curriculum part UNIT
Cut out, e.g. EDIT
Cyan relative TEAL
Dark genre NOIR
Dark time for poets EEN
Deadly African snake MAMBA
Descendant of Noah's second son HAMITE
Disconcerting look STARE
Drink stand buy ADE
E-bay action BID
Endangered island flier NENE
Even-tempered MILD
Ex-Dodger Hershiser OREL
Fairy godmother's prop WAND
Fashion STYLE
Flares up ERUPTS
Former French president CHIRAC
Frankie Laine chart-topper MULETRAIN
French pronoun CES
Frozen dessert franchise TCBY
Garden locale EDEN
Greek music halls ODEA
H+ and ClÖ IONS
Hardens INURES
Harness horses PACERS
Harry Palmer creator Deighton LEN
Herculean ARDUOUS
Hibernia ERIN
High pressure __ AREA
Hiring term initiated under LBJ EEO
In the mail SENT
Infamous Idi AMIN
International show EXPO
Inverness topper TAM
It can span centuries SAGA
Clues Answers
It's commonly turned ANKLE
Its last flight was Nov. 26, 2003 SST
Lake-effect snow city ERIE
Leia's love HAN
Loaf's end HEEL
Make out SEE
Mars counterpart ARES
Money-making knack MIDASTOUCH
Musical note feature STEM
Narcs, e.g. BUSTERS
NATO member since 4/1/2009 ALBANIA
New Hampshire city NASHUA
New Orleans player SAINT
Nick of "Affliction" NOLTE
Nineveh's land: Abbr. ASSYR
Noted 1588 loser ARMADA
Notre Dame's Parseghian ARA
One sharing the wealth? COHEIR
Painter's aid MASKINGTAPE
Pear or apple POME
Place for a drip, briefly IVTUBE
Pontiac muscle car GTO
Popular date destination MOVIETHEATER
Powwows TALKS
Prefix with plasm ECTO
Pump measure OCTANE
Quite heavy OBESE
Regular crowd USUALS
Retro headgear BEANIE
Revlon offering SCENT
Ringo and George each wore one MOUSTACHE
Riviera resort San __ REMO
Saturated with STEEPEDIN
Shakespearean merchant Antonio et al. VENETIANS
Show saver TIVO
Silvery game fish TARPONS
Singer Kitt EARTHA
Singer's voice, e.g. MEALTICKET
Skirtlike trousers CULOTTES
Source of flowing water OPENTAP
Squelch NIX
Starting point, perhaps IDEA
State that's home to Nike H.Q. ORE
Strategic math game NIM
Suspect SENSE
Sways while moving CAREENS
Taverns PUBS
Teeny bit TAD
Teeny bit SMIDGEN
The one in my hand THIS
The Philippines, to Philippe ILES
Therefore ERGO
They're slanted ITALICS
Thin cut SLIT
Tofu source SOYA
Trepidation FEAR
Typical, as a case TEXTBOOK
Under siege BESET
Up to, casually TIL
Uses as partial payment TRADESIN
Weapon handle HILT
Wheat seed KERNEL
Win __, lose ... SOME
Wolfed down ATE
Woo with words COO
Words of woe AHME
__ Bubba: gum brand HUBBA
__ canto BEL
__ the Red ERIC
__-Pei: strong dog SHAR