Irish Times (Simplex) - Jul 4 2020

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Clues Answers
... dum and ...dee, characters in Through the Looking Glass TWEEDLE
90 degrees on the compass EAST
Adhesive GLUE
Ahead of time EARLY
Allergen from some plants POLLEN
Artificial, man-made SYNTHETIC
Association of sports teams LEAGUE
Average weather conditions in various locations CLIMATES
Day for the Norse god of thunder THURSDAY
Everyone separately EACH
Exactly, without vagueness PRECISELY
Give permission ALLOW
Head of state with an odd red instep PRESIDENT
Hold in detention DETAIN
Immediate INSTANT
Important questions or periodic publications ISSUES
Interfered or encroached IMPINGED
Lento, in music SLOWLY
Clues Answers
Lighter-than-air aircraft run by hot air BALLOONS
More unsightly UGLIER
Mythical Greek warrior with a very loud voice STENTOR
Of greater length LONGER
One holds a lease LESSEE
Place of worship TEMPLE
Putting a question to ASKING
Refunds of some of the amounts paid REBATES
Strip to conceal curtain fixtures PELMET
The colour of cowardice YELLOW
The size or scale of something EXTENT
This bread is soon forgotten, it's said EATEN
Tinge, hue COLOUR
Touched with the lips KISSED
Tremble with cold or fear SHIVER
Walked unsteadily STAGGERED
Wheel-shaft AXLE
Wide, broad THICK