Wall Street Journal - Jul 1 2020 - Heartland

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Clues Answers
“A Question of Sport” airer BBC
“Dancing With ___” (Billy Idol song) MYSELF
“Take a load off!” SIT
Abu Dhabi’s grp UAE
Address on a business card URL
Amorphous mass BLOB
Arcing hit LOB
At the most TOPS
B equivalent CFLAT
Braying beast ASS
Came together JELLED
Classroom surprise QUIZ
Close friend COMRADE
Code name for the 51-Down operation OVERLORD
Device usually positioned outside a shot BOOMMIKE
Disney queen with an ice castle ELSA
Disrupted via mobile technology UBERIZED
Early NFL draft picks, often QBS
Engulfed by AMIDST
Exceptionally desirable TODIEFOR
Fine AOK
Former counterpart LATTER
Gehrig in Cooperstown LOU
Glasgow gal LASS
Globes ORBS
Guitarist Duane ALLMAN
Hail Mary, e.g PASS
Harris who played George’s mother on “Seinfeld” ESTELLE
Head for a pub? LOO
Heartland, and a hint to 20-, 27-, 35- and 45-Across MIDDLEAMERICA
Honor given to the best high school, college and pro linebackers BUTKUSAWARD
Improv comedy rule of thumb YESAND
In a functional manner USABLY
In motion AFOOT
Isolated business department, metaphorically SILO
Jerome Powell chairs it THEFED
Latin 101 verb AMAT
Clues Answers
Latin neighborhood BARRIO
Leader before Johnson MAY
Luxurious locks MANE
Mannheim Mrs FRAU
National Poetry Mo APR
Ointment amount DAB
Org. with a Free File option IRS
Out of commission LAIDUP
Possible answer to “Shall we?” LETS
Pound exchange ARFS
Prepare pizza BAKE
Prevent from scoring DENY
Protein-rich vegan option TOFUSALAD
Quintet for John Williams OSCARS
Rapper whose “Hangover” featured Snoop Dogg PSY
SALT subject, briefly ABM
Scheherazade’s count IOOI
Scheming SLY
See 10-Down DDAY
Some smoke detector batteries AAS
Speedskating rink’s shape OVAL
Subject of Émile Zola’s “J’Accuse...!” DREYFUSAFFAIR
The Pac-12’s Cougars, on scoreboards WSU
The Queen of Soul, familiarly ARETHA
They have the odds with them ENDS
Tournament position SEED
UFO pilots ETS
Vitriol from a critic PAN
Vocalized one’s displeasure BOOED
Window alternative AISLE
Word sometimes shortened to its final letter YOU
Words with profit or premium ATA
Young hippo CALF
Youngest of a trio of Dominican baseball players JESUSALOU
___ Boy (gin cocktail) ATTA