The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 30 2020

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Clues Answers
A British news boss retired ABED
Albacore or bluefin TUNA
Alpha female even-handed in romance AFFAIR
Altercation ARGUMENT
Community leader to go on endlessly RABBI
Constantly absent son crosses lake ALWAYS
Convenes where beef and lamb discussed? MEETS
Distance around GIRTH
Exciting situation DRAMA
Eye socket ORBITAL
Feud great with NUM in turmoil ARGUMENT
Flora's partner has fun with AA drunk FAUNA
Forever ALWAYS
Frayed seam in uniform SAME
Great as playing blinder? TEARGAS
Hard maths topic written up to find circumference GIRTH
Horse in lovely position NICHE
Identical SAME
In prison in Spain son demands fuel GASOLINE
Jazzman Benny: decent bloke GOODMAN
Jewish scholar RABBI
Killer in motorcade ORCA
Marine gastropod ABALONE
Clues Answers
Mister Solo? BACHELOR
Need for food HUNGER
Noblewoman from French board game DUCHESS
Play in which lawyer hides stuff DRAMA
Pool man flailing invites ridicule LAMPOON
Regional wildlife FAUNA
Revolutionary part in exam ORBITAL
Riot control measure TEARGAS
Sailor apart from others finds snail ABALONE
Satirical attack LAMPOON
Satisfies MEETS
Shallow recess NICHE
Sleeping ABED
Some unfortunate swimmer TUNA
South African policy a solution? SALINE
Strong desire for sort of strike? HUNGER
Swing clarinettist GOODMAN
Titled female DUCHESS
Toothed whale ORCA
Tree-covered land FOREST
Trooper on street shows new face STRANGER
Unmarried man BACHELOR
Woman honoured to cover silver cost DAMAGE
Wood softer when pulverised FOREST