USA Today - Aug 16 2020

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Clues Answers
'Fingers crossed . . .' IHOPE
'Get what I mean?' SEE
'How come?' WHY
'However . . .' BUT
'I hate to say it . . .' ALAS
'No ___ done' HARM
'No ___ intended' PUN
'Not impressed' MEH
'Patriot Act' host HASANMINHAJ
'Rumour ___ It' (Adele hit) HAS
'The Princess Diaries' star ANNEHATHAWAY
'This ___ joke, right?' ISA
'Yo!' HEY
'___ never too late!' ITS
Balancing pose in which the legs are held in the air ELBOWSTAND
Be a real thing EXIST
Beyond PAST
Bird feeder bit SEED
Cheese often coated in red wax GOUDA
Chips ___! (cookie brand) AHOY
College officials DEANS
Colorful parrot MACAW
Common Korean surname LEE
Energetic quality OOMPH
Envy or greed, it's said DEADLYSIN
Fictional government worker Swanson RON
Firefighter's tool AXE
Fish in some fish sticks COD
Fragrant neckpiece LEI
Frozen beverage brand ICEE
Geologic time span EON
Gibbon, e.g APE
Habitat for cattails MARSH
Handles adversity COPES
He played Perseus in 'Clash of the Titans' HARRYHAMLIN
Helps with the dishes DRIES
Item on a deli counter SCALE
Clues Answers
Jacket fabric TWEED
Kimchi container JAR
Like 'Amazing Spider-Man' No. 1 RARE
Like some hair STREAKED
Major Kenyan export TEA
Make very happy ELATE
Mary ___ Retton LOU
Move without effort COAST
Name that's one letter short of a direction WES
Needed a heating pad ACHED
Obstacle HURDLE
Palm reader's study HAND
Part of a comic strip PANEL
Payroll ID (Abbr.) SSN
Pays to use RENTS
Pea casings PODS
Pet food brand that's an anagram of a gemstone ALPO
Place for scuba diving SEA
Reasonable SANE
Sending to the cloud UPLOADING
Simple shirt TEE
Situated at the edge MARGINAL
Skating jump AXEL
Skirt size MAXI
Some new dictionary additions SLANG
Sound of a mic drop THUD
Stack of raked leaves PILE
Steamy room at a spa SAUNA
Sweeping camera shot PAN
Tamagoyaki ingredient EGG
Tennis player who won the French Open at 17 MICHAELCHANG
That girl's HER
They may be lost or sold SOULS
They might help gamers enter god mode CHEATCODES
Touch lightly TAP
Tree with catkins ALDER
Tries to find HUNTS
Word before 'turn' or 'call' YOUR
___ Leeds (Jacob Batalon role) NED