Family Time - Jun 29 2020

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Clues Answers
A thing you may do on an elevator (2 words) PRESSUP
Anemia treatment IRON
Astute CANNY
Be made up of something CONSIST
Bit of casual wear CAP
Broad, fancy tie ASCOT
Butter square PAT
Casino transaction BET
Charitable donation ALMS
Child that could use behavioral lessons IMP
Cinnamon concoction BUN
Coal container BIN
Cod relative HADDOCK
Creature with a rack STAG
Dessert option PIE
Do drudgery, close to toil MOIL
Electrically charged particle ION
Fail to be truthful LIE
Fish without scales EEL
Forerunner of the shopping center (2 words) GENERALSTORE
Formal declaration VOW
Foxlike, in legend SLY
French headwear BERET
Get the show on the road? TOUR
Goad on URGE
Golfer's word of warning FORE
Great cheerfulness GLEE
Happy Meal item TOY
Hawk's nest on high AERIE
Hideout for a beast LAIR
Huge chunk of marble SLAB
Incredibly dry, as a desert ARID
Indianapolis is one CITY
Clues Answers
It works in a nice wind SAIL
Large sub sandwich HERO
Little seal PUP
Made sure it wasn't standing room only? SAT
Make an effort TRY
Male farm animal RAM
Massive heater SUN
Museum purchase ART
Nondairy eggs ROE
Not attached to anything (2 words) FREESTANDING
Of the same kind AKIN
Old instrument similar to a harp LYRE
Primate with a short tail APE
Rapscallion CAD
Relative gained on one's wedding day INLAW
Rider of a little three-wheeler TYKE
Some cleaning items RAGS
Sound from a bell PEAL
Sticky home? NEST
Subtly spiteful CATTY
Thing you commonly bend KNEE
Torment and harass BEDEVIL
Tree in many states ELM
Tuna holder CAN
Type of dance you can hear TAP
Type of hygiene that involves flossing ORAL
U-turn from go COME
Wee parasite MITE
Wild hog BOAR
Word often around "neither" NOR
Word with "man," "cave" or "mobile" BAT
You can find it on a range POT
You have a first one and a last one NAME