Wall Street Journal - Jun 25 2020 - It’s a Stretch

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Clues Answers
“Law & Order: SVU” co-star with a Grammy ICET
“Super Dry” beer ASAHI
“What a bummer!” AWGEE
2005 Prince song SST
ABA member ATT
Activities for four or more GROUPDATES
Bit of counter-knowledge ALTERNATIVEFACT
Breezy “bye!” TATA
Bruiser APE
Capital renamed after the Meiji Restoration EDO
Cartesian conclusion IAM
Cathedral feature CRYPT
Christie’s motion NOD
City division WARD
Composer Webern ANTON
Contemplated EYED
Court activity HOOPS
Cry with a head slap DOH
Dice, say CUTUP
Dines on HAS
Dress formally, informally TOGOUT
Drops on the lawn DEW
Earlier AGO
Early exile EVE
End of a professorial address EDU
EPS pollution meas AQI
Features of some ventilation systems PURIFIERS
Fr. holy one STE
Frost lines POEMS
Give the kids a stepparent REWED
Got the better of OUTSMARTED
Grape nuts? WINOS
Hairy bovid YAK
Hand in one’s chips, say CASHOUT
Hip-hop duo ___ Sremmurd RAE
Clues Answers
House sitters in London LORDS
Is subtly misleading, or what each of 23- and 47-Across does, figuratively and literally BENDSTHETRUTH
Just so TOAT
Kid’s marble IMMIE
King Salman’s subjects SAUDIS
Kitchen brand OXO
Kitchen counter TIMER
Leave speechless STUN
Liftoff-canceling command ABORT
Like “a majority of,” relative to “most” WORDY
Make biased SKEW
Military unit TROOP
Money in the recording business EDDIE
Moves from Cuba? RUMBA
Natural order of the universe TAO
One with a neck and a round body LUTE
Osaka on a tennis court NAOMI
Permission to be creative? ARTISTICLICENSE
Purported ability ESP
Rapturous review RAVE
Rosalynn’s successor NANCY
Salon service, for short PEDI
Set the price at ASKED
Shark’s foe JET
SoCal teen drama of 2003-07 THEOC
Some stop bullets VESTS
Southeast Asian battle site of early 1942 BATAAN
Speak suddenly PIPEUP
Spot for sweaters SPA
Starting off-key? HOTWIRING
Turner autobiography ITINA
Unduly TOO
Unexpected occurrence QUIRK
Victims of the Iroquois Confederacy ERIES
Where drivers retire? PIT
World’s largest Span.-speaking nation by area ARG