The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,396 - Jun 22 2020

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Clues Answers
A Poet Laureate perhaps crossing over on a ship ABOARD
Area final cut short, unfortunately ALAS
Celebrity's naked? Not half! STAR
Crime writer succeeded when introducing the ultimate character in Ellery Queen SAYERS
Detail in a small symbol ASSIGN
Discover the truth about doctor breaking law RUMBLE
Distinct in cloudless section CLEARCUT
Dr No with strange ploy for domination MONOPOLY
Foolish friar receiving fine, leading very loud mob RIFFRAFF
Hunter of game given stick NIMROD
Hurry up, or set point lost STEPONIT
Landowner taking day off in sanctuary LAIR
Measure of monarch? RULER
Ostracise NCO, voted out after cutting guard SENDTOCOVENTRY
Clues Answers
Persuasive speech from Republican ahead of other fluid one, by Conservative RHETORIC
Rare panic involving head of chambers SCARCE
Ring up describing island shrub LILAC
Short journey to exchange safety device TRIPSWITCH
Sign of boredom? New approach backfired YAWN
Some of Horatio Nelson's quota RATION
Struggle with appearance VIEW
Suddenly agreed to knock down dive ATONEFELLSWOOP
Support ruling's reasoning BRAINPOWER
Talk together about single evergreen tree CONIFER
To-do caused by us in force, southern FUSS
Tricky question from guy on right TEASER
Upset about poetry REVERSE
Western firm and new supplier of energy WINDFARM