The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,167 - Jun 23 2020

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Clues Answers
Angriest exchange when argon was called this? INERTGAS
Cryptic clues? Answer is found in part of sentence CLAUSE
Cryptically, golf is cheerful UPBEAT
Earl not about to sit on spades, say, in posh clothes ETONSUIT
Extra code missing ... MORE
Fail to deliver green recycling by European Union retrospectively RENEGUE
Flounder from beach with con­tents of bucket close to water SANDSUCKER
Force required to cut up diamonds POLICE
I'm on a break, following bad upset stomachs ABDOMINA
Independent's right to plug Guardian's listening device WIRE
Inventor is extremely logical BELL
It could be expedient if most of 21 down steal one time POLITIC
It's a bit spicy around plate BALTI
Left harbour bearing drink PORT
Make food PRODUCE
Clues Answers
Minimum piece, simple as that LEAST
Old king gets food from bakery GREGGS
On cracker, cuckoo bird CORNCRAKE
Page in group that can hide in bushes? LEAFINSECT
Property of trees in meadows: healthy inside with sun LEAFINESS
Race to arrest corrupt MEP at first on trial TEMPTATION
Rascal's discourteous then nice, not one to show lack of caution IMPRUDENCE
Second room — the travelling sort? MOTORHOME
Sodium converted into alumin­ium is helping right away with public ownership NATIONALISATION
Teaching English and Latin could flop after lecturers are expelled EDUCATION
These might be smuggled in 500 carpets DRUGS
They're forever blown at West Ham playing Blues to win two billion BUBBLES
Tweets provide exciting ex­changes, perhaps shocking leaders PEEPS
Where to find dinner without any effort ONAPLATE