Wall Street Journal - Jun 23 2020 - Show Me the Way

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Clues Answers
“Climb that ladder!” BEAMBITIOUS
“How ___ love thee?” DOI
“Nae” sayer SCOT
Accusatory question from Caesar ETTU
Acronym for an awards feat EGOT
Alleviates EASES
Altar exchange IDOS
Archaeologist’s place DIGSITE
Archipelago part ISLE
Bahrain and Bhutan are part of it ASIA
Ballot hanger-on CHAD
Basic stuff ALKALI
Benning, Bragg and Bliss: Abbr FTS
Block party game? JENGA
Brewery containers KEGS
Cathode’s counterpart ANODE
Cluttered MESSY
Cornflower or zinnia ANNUAL
Crime lab procedure DNATEST
Delivery option FEDEX
Docs prescribe them MEDS
EMT destinations ERS
Entry in an appropriations bill LINEITEM
First name in beauty products ESTEE
Foot-stamping to a Spanish guitar, say FLAMENCODANCING
Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael STEELE
Founded: Abbr ESTD
Gave to the church TITHED
Gelatinous dishes ASPICS
Get a glimpse of ESPY
Hefty rival GLAD
Hired soldier, briefly MERC
Host city of the 1952 Winter Olympics OSLO
Impressive way to solve a crossword INPEN
Improbable UNLIKELY
Indian flatbread NAAN
Invite to the penthouse ASKUP
Clues Answers
Jury’s determination GUILT
Lucy’s husband DESI
Military chopper APACHE
Net sales ETAIL
Nonspecific amount SOME
Not bamboozled by ONTO
Numbskull DODO
Petty cash supplier? STP
Plant SOW
Prayer leaders IMAMS
Provider of aerial coverage BLIMP
Quarry PREY
Red resident of Sesame Street ELMO
Remove DOFF
Retired D.C. agent's classification EXFBI
Revealing all STARKNAKED
Runner’s woe CRAMP
Satire specialists LAMPOONISTS
Secure with a belt GIRD
Shorthand pros STENOS
Small stock purchase ODDLOT
Split’s relative SUNDAE
Stands out at stand-up SLAYS
Stew bit PEA
Sticking point TINE
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
They’re at the front of a car, and the other four longest Across answers HEADLIGHTS
Tolkien’s Skinbark and Treebeard ENTS
Took top honors WON
Transport by truck HAUL
Unclutter NEATEN
Uniform color KHAKI
Web pages are written in it HTML
With regrets SADLY
You can get down from one EIDER
Zooey’s role on “New Girl” JESS
___ doble (Spanish two-step) PASO