Canadiana - Jun 22 2020

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Clues Answers
1976 Cronenberg movie RABID
1983 Cronenberg movie VIDEODROME
A. Nobel creation TNT
Actor Andrews DANA
Apple variety SPY
Arab oil org OPEC
Assassins reward (Celtic) CRO
Belgian river OISE
Bellow ROAR
Biblical mariner NOAH
Cancelled XED
Colt's mom MARE
Command HEST
Conifer FIR
Cross ROOD
Dead ________, 1988 Cronenberg movie RINGERS
Defame SMEAR
Distinguished director David CRONENBERG
Dotard DODO
Duceppe's parti BLOC
Eve's amour ADAM
Flowering tree MAGNOLIA
French auto CITROEN
Gauzy fabric ORGANZA
German auto OPEL
Historical period ERA
Horse hue ROAN
Insensitive CRASS
Journey TREK
k.d., for one LANG
Clues Answers
Khan, for one ALI
Lapsed townie EXURB
Marry WED
Merganzer SMEW
Mild curse EGAD
Missive NOTE
Mythological bird ROC
Noah's eldest SHEM
Ogles EYES
Pan-Arab org OAS
Placed the ball TEED
Qatar capital DOHA
Seek political office RUN
Self EGO
Soluble salt ALKALI
Song LAY
Space GAP
Spanish eighths OCTAVOS
Spanish exclamation OLE
Stopper LID
Strange ODD
The Dead_____, 1983 Cronenberg movie ZONE
The _____ ,1979 Cronenberg movie BROOD
Tosses LOBS
Trotted RAN
Universal MASS
Wager BET
Work station DESK
______ Lunch, 1991 Cro-nenberg movie NAKED