Wall Street Journal - Jun 20 2020 - A Little Bit Country

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Clues Answers
“Common Sense” writer THOMASPAINE
“Don’t ask again!” ISAIDNO
“Excuse me...” AHEM
“The Marvelous Land ___” (1904 sequel) OFOZ
“Yes, verily” ITISSO
“You got that right!” AMEN
2005 Bruce Willis thriller HOSTAGE
A warranty may be void if you deviate from it PROPERUSE
Accustomed INURED
Act introducer EMCEE
All excited AGOG
Amazon customers ORDERERS
Analyst’s interest EGO
Ankle-related TARSAL
As one pleases ATWILL
Beantown team SOX
Beat, in a way OUTVOTE
Becomes friendlier THAWS
Before now AGO
Big blows GALES
Bind with cords LASH
Birthplace of 92-Across PISA
Boxer Liston SONNY
Butterfield of “Hugo” ASA
Camping goods chain REI
Charged RANAT
Chinese currency YUAN
Church control, of a sort PAPALAUTHORITY
Circus worker, perhaps ANIMALTAMER
Co-star of Jennifer and Courteney LISA
Co-star of Robbie and Kidman in 2019’s “Bombshell” THERON
Cold ones BREWSKIS
Conk out DIE
Copy for paste-up REPRO
CPR whiz EMT
Crockpot creation STEW
Did some swing dancing LINDIED
Diner favorites BLTS
Distribute METE
Doorstep delivery PARCEL
Drift makeup SNOW
Energy PEP
Expression of grief ALAS
Features of some roller coasters LOOPS
Federal biomedical agcy NIH
FedEx rival DHL
Feel sorry for PITY
Fuel increments GALLONS
Gains the support of WINSOVER
Gazelle, to a cheetah PREY
Genesis creator SEGA
GI’s “pineapple” GRENADE
Giant Mel OTT
Give more thought to REASSESS
Good, in Grenoble BIEN
Hang around STAY
Hieroglyphic reptiles ASPS
Identified NAMED
It precedes a return PUNT
Jumbo, in marketing MEGA
Knockoffs FAKES
Let go CEDE
Let in ADMIT
Letter before Foxtrot ECHO
Liberal arts school of southern California POMONACOLLEGE
Like catacombs, perhaps DANK
Clues Answers
Like some flaws FATAL
Like some videos VIRAL
Long letter MISSIVE
Make a pulp out of MASH
Man of many words ROGET
Medium for an ephemeral sculpture ICE
Mini map INSET
Mocha setting YEMEN
Morales of “NYPD Blue” ESAI
More valuable, perhaps RARER
Muffin material BRAN
Official language of China MANDARINDIALECT
One or more ANY
Parting words OBITS
Passes smoothly SAILSBY
Past periods ERAS
Pay dirt ORE
Performing, perhaps ONSTAGE
Persuaded SOLD
Plains tribe OTOES
Plow puller ASS
Quick point on the court ACE
Rachael with recipes RAY
Remdesivir producer GILEAD
Requiring a lot of attention NEEDY
Retirement income PENSION
Savory taste UMAMI
Sch. study SCI
She plays Dustin’s wife in “Meet the Fockers” BARBRA
Shortly ANON
Site of a fictional prison ZENDA
Slangy denials NOPES
South American greeting ALO
Springfield barkeep MOE
Stagger REEL
Strength of character SPINE
Suffering ILL
Supermodel Campbell NAOMI
Take a chance RISK
Take in EAT
Tears apart RENDS
Telescope pioneer GALILEO
Texan mission ALAMO
Those women, in France ELLES
Tight-lipped TACITURN
Toasted sandwich PANINI
Tomato type ROMA
Tony Cochran comic strip AGNES
Took five RESTED
Total SUM
TV room DEN
Uncle of note SAM
Unit honoring a Swedish astronomer DEGREECELSIUS
Unlikely candidate for prom king NERD
Urban haze SMOG
Violinist Itzhak PERLMAN
Wand-wielding grp TSA
Was a prelude (to) LEDUP
Wedding helper USHER
Where boars are boarded STY
Without a doubt SURE
Words with loss or glance ATA
Yesteryear OLDTIMES
___ cava (heart feeder) VENA
___ Esparta (Venezuelan state) NUEVA