USA Today - Aug 7 2020

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Clues Answers
'Good Will Hunting' therapist SEAN
'Mine!' DIBS
'So now the truth comes out!' OHO
'That's disgusting!' GROSS
'The Daughter' actress Miranda OTTO
'You've got the wrong person' NOTME
2019 movie featuring Jennifer Hudson as Grizabella CATS
About 20% of Muslims ARABS
Artist such as Harmonia Rosales OILPAINTER
Athletic award won 12 times by Serena Williams ESPY
Award for Rigoberta Menchu NOBELPRIZE
Bank employees TELLERS
Be worthy of MERIT
Biathlete's need RIFLE
Blues Hall of Famer James ETTA
Brown quickly SEAR
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Doesn't wing it PLANS
Doily material LACE
Ensnare TRAP
Equipment on 'Chopped' PANS
Explore deeply PROBE
Fashion designer Claiborne LIZ
Future officer CADET
Goes right or left TURNS
Guests' sleeping spots, sometimes SOFABEDS
Highest Sudoku digit NINE
Ice cream drink MALT
Image cast by the sun SHADOW
Is financially successful PROSPERS
Like a 37-Down, often BRIEF
Like a 37-Down, often AMUSING
Like the Mojave's climate ARID
Make angry RILE
Manhattan attraction CENTRALPARK
Melon part RIND
Mine extractions ORES
Neither here ___ there NOR
Clues Answers
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Opening drives in golf TEESHOTS
Org. with auditors IRS
Parcel of land PLOT
Parts of instructions STEPS
Penny CENT
Platform over water PIER
Prop for Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe CANE
Rail vehicle TRAM
Riding horse, old-style STEED
Room size calculation AREA
Sci-fi crew members (Abbr.) ETS
Scrubber made from steel wool SOSPAD
See 21-Across INTO
Showed feelings EMOTED
Skirt borders HEMS
Small earring STUD
Sound from a flock BAA
Sound from an impatient motorist HONK
Story in a speech, perhaps ANECDOTE
Supermarket walkway AISLE
Swords with curved blades SABERS
Tabby's comment MEOW
Testing time TRIALPERIOD
That man's HIS
The Fresh Prince's uncle PHIL
Thunder sound CLAP
Tweak, in a way EDIT
Very much ALOT
Very sentimental SAPPY
Video's counterpart AUDIO
Voice range above tenor ALTO
WALL-E's romantic interest EVE
Way off of a turnpike EXIT
Widespread RIFE
Window framework SASH
With 19-Across, attacked LAID
___ and kicking ALIVE
___ parade (June event) PRIDE