New York Times - Jun 19 2020

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Clues Answers
'Stop right there!' FREEZE
1970s rock band that launched the career of Sammy Hagar MONTROSE
Ad campaign featuring 'mustaches' GOTMILK
Balance for a tree pose ONELEG
Battle royal MELEE
Be supervised by ANSWERTO
Bel canto composer ROSSINI
Centerpiece of a luau ROASTPIG
Coat placed on the ground FLOORWAX
Confiscate SEIZE
Counter action ORDERING
Craps throw called 'Little Joe' TWOS
Designates as inaccessible ROPESOFF
Do curls, e.g PUMPIRON
Docking site during the 1980s-'90s MIR
Evasive maneuver ZAG
Fan group BLADES
Former Portuguese territory MACAO
Gives credit LENDS
Group whose lies are much discussed on TV PGATOUR
Growing need SEED
Guess that costs $250 ANE
How many Guinness World Record attempts are performed ONCAMERA
iComfort company SERTA
Kazakh capital renamed Nur-Sultan in 2019 ASTANA
Kind of pass VIP
Lead-in to cone SNO
Made more secure for shipping, say REBOXED
Makes deceptively attractive GILDS
Measure equal to about 57° RADIAN
Neapolitan song whose first line translates to 'What a beautiful thing is a sunny day!' OSOLEMIO
Newspaper fig CIRC
Not reside in the center of OUTLIE
Clues Answers
Occupation for the Three Stooges in 'An Ache in Every Stake' ICEMEN
One of many in most families GENUS
Opposite of 'pig out' UNDEREAT
Oracles SEERS
Owned (up) FESSED
Partners of cones RODS
Photographers' considerations ANGLES
Prairie predator COYOTE
Recurring 'Weekend Update' character for Gilda ROSEANNE
Reduce as much as possible MINIMIZE
Register ENROLL
Rights org. whose logo includes a rabbit PETA
Rocky's best friend in the 'Rocky' films PAULIE
Screen that keeps out bugs? BETATEST
See 7-Down OPEN
Small tower TURRET
Steady temperament EVENKEEL
The same as in France EGAL
Theater background STAGESET
They go down the tubes OVA
Tool-sharpening aid OILSTONE
Topic in driver's ed SIGNS
TV's Burnett and Andrews ERINS
Univ. bigwig PRES
Unruly crowd RABBLE
Wall St. deal LBO
Where les bérets go TETES
William Tell was given one OVERTURE
With 9-Down, response to a knock at the door ITS
Word after hot or fancy PANTS