The Sun - Two Speed - Jun 18 2020

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Clues Answers
Bitter about Conservative purge SCOUR
Bombardment BARRAGE
Brigand BANDIT
Chicken roll Oscar tucks into ROOSTER
Christian messenger APOSTLE
Clean abrasively SCOUR
Company support emergency council COBRA
Confident unicyclist keeps garment TUNIC
Disciple bitter about situation APOSTLE
Double marriage BIGAMY
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
Enciphers last in Pindaric poems CODES
Encounters in sporting events MEETS
Encryptions CODES
English variety horrible say - true! ESTUARY
Epoch ERA
Fanatic NUT
Forcibly subdue REPRESS
Forgetfulness AMNESIA
Head teachers NUT
Hooded snake COBRA
I left in time being alert AGILE
In borscht urn some goes bad TURNS
Increase rapidly BALLOON
Large woman in union crime BIGAMY
Look for one among six? SCOUT
Clues Answers
Lost son in a shallow box ASTRAY
Male domestic fowl ROOSTER
Military jacket TUNIC
Minor star explodes in meteorological phenomenon RAINSTORM
Offer for sale ADVERTISE
On wayward path ASTRAY
One dons long coat PAINT
Period covered in Northanger Abbey ERA
Pharaohs in Aida retaining Egyptian land SINAI
Promote sedative developed without right ADVERTISE
Pub tantrum brings artillery onslaught BARRAGE
Reconnoitre SCOUT
Reviled unfortunately in hand over DELIVER
River mouth ESTUARY
Robber also cutting dash BANDIT
Rotates TURNS
Satisfies MEETS
Severe downpour RAINSTORM
Shooting arrows ARCHERY
Silence from salesman on ship REPRESS
South African rook to eat fish SARDINE
Spanning ACROSS
Sport for which one takes a bow? ARCHERY
Such clues as this are a burden ACROSS
Swell - everyone included in blessing BALLOON
The Bourne Condition? AMNESIA
Young pilchard SARDINE