New York Times - Jun 18 2020

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Clues Answers
'Brava!' elicitor MALL
'Oh ___!' (song from Lennon's 'Imagine' album) YOKO
'You ___ it' ELIE
'___ and the Two Strings' (2016 animated film) KUBO
A little of this, a little of that MUTT
Alarm clock settings, for short AMS
Arab Spring nation YEMEN
Bad place for a 61-Across INTERSTATE
Biblical preposition UNTO
Bit of unfinished business LOOSEEND
Blood line AORTA
Bonehead TIO
Brisk, musically ALLEGRO
Brita competitor PUR
Bulldogs' home HORSE
Bunch of romantics? ROSES
California's ___ Valley YOSEMITE
Call for all hands on deck? AHOY
Celebrity chef Gordon ___ RAMSAY
Company whose business rarely goes off without a hitch UHAUL
Cooler FAN
Cosmic force KARMA
Cracked open KANS
Cries of faux terror YALE
Cry sometimes made with a snap of the fingers RATS
Delta follower AJAR
Dog tag owners, in brief GIS
Expound (on) OAF
Game of chance LEFT
Goes off the wall ECHO
Grain location SHANE
Group working with an anchor NAME
Had a bad at-bat STRUCKOUT
Lee known for his cameos STAN
Line in an expense report: Abbr MISC
Minor role in many a Shakespeare play SERVANT
Clues Answers
Mr. ___ ('Peter Pan' character) ALOT
Neighbor of Nebr SMEE
Offering at a pier restaurant OYSTER
One of 'them' MIRE
One of the McMahons of WWE EEKS
One setting an alarm, maybe ALEXA
Ones on cases: Abbr DETS
Padre's hermano NEWSTEAM
Parachute part CORD
Place to order handmade goods ARIA
Places for baths SPAS
Polish, e.g RIFF
Possible cause of a 61-Across BOTTLENECK
Preferences EUROPEAN
Prefix with -nautics AERO
Producer of Hot Wheels TASTES
Remaining BUTTE
Remember this! ALAMO
Rocky Mountain city once home to the Anaconda Copper Mining Company BOORISH
Show evidence of shock REEL
Situation depicted at 39-Across FOE
Small part of a pound AXE
Start to come apart FRAY
Terminate LOTTO
The Getty, for one MUSEUM
The world's largest one is in Chengdu, China (covering 18 million square feet) FREAKS
Uncivilized MATTEL
Veal ___ (informal dish) PARM
Vega, for one STAR
Visual puzzle REBUS
West Coast gas brand ARCO
What a 61-Across might make you LATETOWORK
Winter air CAROL
Writer Wiesel ETSY
[Ugh, we've been stuck here for an hour ...] CARVANSEMITRUCKBUS
___ President MADAM
___ the line TOE
___ the Red ERIK